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Click here for information about Coral Eugene Watts - a serial killer who has murdered more than a dozen women and was almost released from prison. Now facing murder charges in Michigan.

Welcome to MurderVictims.com.  This resource will, unfortunately, be an ever-growing memorial to the many innocent victims of violent crime and a source for help for murder victim survivors, information on murder statistics, news items, discussion and support. 

I welcome any suggestions on how to make this site better.  Please visit the discussion board and leave a post on topics you would like to generate discussion about. 

Far too often, the victims are forgotten and the focus is placed on the perpetrator.  Here we will come back to place focus on the victims of the most violent of crimes, murder.  Victim survivors can come here to find help, ask questions, give and get advice.  

If you are a murder victim survivor, click here to visit our discussion board

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