My brother, Bobby D. Matthews, was born July 2, 1975. I have a picture of me holding him when he was about 3 months old, and he looked so huge! (He weighed almost 10 pounds when he was born.)  

We grew up very close. Maybe it was the age difference (8 1/2 years), but we always seemed to get along. Our cousins lived right around the corner, so the four of us were always playing together.  Bobby was quiet, kind of shy, except around family and friends. He always had a smile on his face. I think we only had one argument in the 24 years of being brother and sister.  

When I was 17, and Bobby was 8 and 1/2, our father went in for a routine test on a lump in his throat, there was an accident with the camera, and his air was cut off for at least 10 minutes. They got him back, but within two weeks, he passed away. We sued the hospital, but it totally devastated our lives.  

Bobby's favorite colors are black and green; he likes Marilyn Manson, The Eagles, The Offspring, Bush, DRI, Metallica, and quite a few other bands in that realm; his favorite number is 7, he loved dogs, he is very quiet and reserved when you first get to know him, then he flashes that stunning spectacular smile of his, and you are charmed. He dresses somewhat individually. Combat boots or something similar, black cutoff baggy khaki style jeans, and usually a white long sleeve shirt under a black t-shirt. He usually kept his head shaved. Very individual indeed. His hair was dark brown, but when he was born, his hair was so blonde, it was almost white.  

He loves to read. In fact, that's what I gave him for our last Christmas together; two books of our favorite type to read: Dean Koontz style reading. I was ecstatic, because when he opened them, his smile just lit up his face! He started reading through one of them right then!  

Bobby and my husband got along really good, I think, because they were a lot alike. Steve took Bobby to a Metallica concert once, and Bobby talked about that for weeks.  

He isn't materialistic in any way. I've never seen anyone like it. He's happy to have a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food in the fridge. Friends and family are very important to him. I found out at the viewing that he always looked up to me; that was very humbling, to say the least. I was very honored.  

His favorite food is cold pizza for breakfast. I don't know how many times we had that, but we both thought it was pretty terrific.    

There were a few of his friends that helped get him into some trouble. Nothing major; but he's such a laid back person, if you suggest something, he's like, okay, let's go.  

His friend, Curtis, was in a minimum security prison when Bobby was killed. It tore him apart that they wouldn't let him go see him one last time, even though he put Bobby down as his brother, so he could visit Curtis.  

When Curtis got out of prison, my husband saw him, and said it seemed to have done him some good, and maybe he'll try to turn his life around. Well, without Bobby there to guide him, Curtis couldn't handle the idea of life without his only true best friend, and he killed himself.  

He was murdered Sunday March 12, 2000.  The trial is pending and the alleged killer, Adam Johnston, has recently changed his plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity, resulting in another delay.  Bobby was beaten over the head with a golf club, stabbed in excess, in the back also, and his throat was cut.

Bobby loved to write poetry, songs, was passionate about nature, had a very sensitive side. He also had a side that he had to get out sometimes. Honestly, with everything we'd already been through, I couldn't blame him. He liked to party with his friends, listen to all different kinds of music, from Marilyn Manson to DRI. The reason I say that I don't blame him, is because when he was 8 and I was 17, our father was killed in an accident by hospital personnel, and in 1998, our grandfather died in his sleep, and our step-grandmother died from a stomach aneurysm. There's been quite a bit of anger, at least my brother and I have it. But he was my other half. I helped raise him after Dad died, and this is just driving me nuts.

Bobby wanted to form his own band, or do something in the music business. He was also thinking about going to college, take some classes, and see exactly what he wanted to try full time. He was a very simple person. Wasn't interested in material possessions. He once gave a friend his t.v. set (I can't remember the reason why).

He was so excited when he found out I was pregnant, and he was going to be an uncle. Brandi was the highlight of his life. When she was born, his life had so much more purpose.  His fave color is green.  His fave foods are pizza and cereal.  His fave music is Marilyn Manson and the Eagles.  His fave flower is carnation.