Butchie White was a 34-year-old father of 3 kids; Ashley, Little Louie, and Le Ann.  He loved to work (ALOT) and he enjoyed the outdoors.  He liked to play pool, softball, baseball and darts.  

He loved listening to his favorite groups;  his favorite bands were The Grateful Dead and John Cougar Mellancamp.  He worked for years putting in swimming pools all over the country, a job he truly loved.

He was allegedly murdered by the mother of his three children on April 4, 2000 in their home, by one single stab wound to the chest.  She is out on bail and has custody of the kids.  How and why is a question we all have.  My family and I do not know the truth as to what happened because he is now dead and can't speak for himself and we were not there.

He finally found the home of his dreams that he had always planned to buy for his family and it is a shame that he was killed in his dream home.  

Butchie's favorite color was blue and you could always find my brother under the hood of his car, and all of his friends' cars!  He liked to tinker with them since he was a little boy.  He also loved animals - always a pet or two in the house.  

He would spend his free time with the kids playing outdoors, fishing, playing in the stream or just goofing off.

My brother was a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy liked by all who have ever met him.

I am his baby sister and I am trying my hardest to keep his memory alive, and I pray to God every day that I will once again see his children, and let them know that I am here for them and how much their Daddy's family loves them.  

My mom moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to be close to my brother and his kids.  She spent his last days with him.  He was so proud of what he was trying to do for his family and he wanted his side of the family to come to Pennsylvania to see his new home.  My family will never be able to see his dreams come true, nor will his children.

Butchie, your warm smile and your kindness have touched so many people on this earth.  You are missed and loved by all.

God bless us all.  


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