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Murdered January 19, 1979

My mother was murdered in our Los Gatos townhome at 112 Peach Willow Court on January 19th 1979, a Friday night. 

Click for larger imageMy brother and I were only eight and nine years old and were picked up by our father for a visit before the murder. My mother's fiancé whom we lived with also had two children who left with their mother shortly after we left. Her fiancé said he was attending a function not far from our home that night.  My mother had chosen not to join him. 

My mother was choked, beaten and shot to death.  There was no evidence of forced entry into our house.  No one has ever been charged for her murder.  The gun was never found.  Part of my interest in this web page is that I hope someone may know something about this murder or have any information that might be helpful as well as to serve as a memorial. 

My mom was very devoted.  She was my soccer coach, Brownie and Girl Scout leader.  She was the editor for the San Tomas Tel-parent PTA newsletter and involved with her community.  She was a journalist and was writing a book prior to her death. 
I don't think I will ever be able to express in words the anguish her death caused my family. My brother and I were heartbroken, our lives forever altered, and nearly ruined.  Still, not a day goes by that I'm not haunted by her tragic death and wonder how one could be capable of such cruelty.   Wendy Rose   


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