His name was Danny Myles and he was killed in Caruthers, California on June 1, 1978. It was such a brutal crime and it is a horrible way to die. I want whoever did it to come forward.  I only want to put my little brother to rest, if you know what I mean. I've waited for so long. I want justice done..

I only wish I could do more to find out what happened. He was only 17 years old when his life was taken from him. He was brutally murdered. He was raped and shot 3 times. We had to have a closed coffin service for he was so bad and he didn't look like him.  His murder has now been unsolved for 21 years.

I only want to put my little brother to rest. I'm sure if it was me, he would be doing the same. I want whoever killed him to get caught and face time and pay for what they did to him. I miss him so much. You never think anything like this can happen to your family; boy were we wrong. We lived in such a little town, you'd think nothing like this would have happened to him.  Oh how I miss him so much.

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