I am the youngest sister of Dede C. Henson, who was a victim of a March 20, 1972 homicide, in her Dallas Texas home. 

Still to this date, no one has come forth to give any additional information on the unsolved murder. My sister Dede would have been 49 years old this year. As you can read in her case displayed on the Fallen Wall website, so many people saw individuals, but there are no forensic drawings of any of them.

Her senseless death stole not only her life, but any nieces or nephews that she might of had for me. My sister missed out on seeing her own nieces and nephews.

Dede was a housewife, a free lance artist, loved children, cooking, sewing, shopping, fishing, laughing, dressing up, and spending time with her husband.

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Love Letter To My Beloved Sister - Dede

I wish I had another day with you. Just one more day to say I love you.  I would tell you everything that I never had a chance to.   I miss your smiles and laughter. 

I used to watch you put your make-up on and think how pretty you were.  Your hair was always like satin. 

I apologize for placing your favorite Dolls on the back of our parents car bumper and then laying down to take a nap and forgetting to remove them before we left to go to visit Aunt Jean, when I was 3 years old.  Also, for our arguments when we were siblings and for any sorrows that I caused you.

I want to thank you for being my sister and I love you!

You would have been such a great aunt to your nieces and nephews.  They are all gorgeous. I know that if you would have had children of your own, then they would have been blessed with a great mother! 

Also, you married a wonderful guy! He missed you so dearly.

I wish that you would have been able to pursue your dreams of going to the New York Art School.  Maybe you would still be alive.

I wish I would have been more vocal and alert at the things that you experienced in your life while growing up.

Most of all sis, I will never forget you.   I look forward to seeing you in Heaven someday and catching up on all the things we didn't get to say.

Love and Kisses Always -

Your Baby Sister

Quietly I sit here
See before my eyes
Memories of special things
That fill my heart with sighs

Today I saw you smiling
With love you gave to me
In this special attic
All love comes naturally

I hear your voice that whispers
I hear the words you say
The smile you gave so sweetly
The love that you portrayed

My heart so filled with blessings
They sit here in the past
This touch of fleeting moment
Forever it will last

Dreaming in this special place
The laughter I can hear
Set within the treasury
Of all that I hold dear

Gently as I walk away
Each gift I take with me
Saw your face again today
These dreams held reverently.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission

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Letter to Assailants

Message to assailants - Your Silent Voice has spoken the loudest!  It says "Betrayal" from your role in life.  You have not gotten away with murdering Dede and neither will anyone who assisted you.  You may not stand before a judge in this life, but rest assured that you will stand before God and be judged. God said, Vengeance Is His.  You will have to stand before Him one day soon.  Our family finds comfort in knowing that. 

When you decided to participate in plotting, stalking, and killing an innocent woman (Dede Catherine Henson), then you sealed your own fate eternally.  If you want eternal life in Heaven, then you will have to confess your sins by mouth or you will have chosen eternal life in Hell. Also, if you ever want God to listen to your prayers, then you will have to lay down your offering and go make things right. Only then will God hear your prayers.  He always has a way of making what goes around, come around.   

You violated Dede's rights as a human being to live a life and you did not take into consideration that she was a daughter, a sister, a grandchild, a niece, an aunt, and most importantly a Christian. You destroyed not only a family, but also generations to come. By playing God and stamping out a life, you hurt your own selves too.  You are your worst enemies.  You will never have the grace of living in Heaven with your own families eternally, unless you confess murdering Dede.  When you look at yourselves in the mirrors every morning you are looking at dead men.

Dede has been in Heaven for 29 years and you can no longer be obsessed with her and do bodily harm to her anymore.  God took her husband "Arnold" home with him, so now Dede and Arnold are in living in Heaven eternally,  - So you lose! J

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