"There within a crystal vase,
A fragile budding rose;
Resting there in solitude,
Its petals still enclosed."

Robert Fratta again found guilty
of capital murder of Farah Baquer Fratta
Sent back to death row

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Robert Fratta's retrial

Farah Baquer Fratta, loving mother of three young children, was 33 years old when she was shot twice in the head after driving into her garage. Neighbors saw the gunman flee the house and jump into a car driven by an accomplice. Farah and her husband, Robert Fratta, were in the middle of a nasty divorce and were fighting over custody of their three children.

After detectives learned about the acrimonious divorce, they began investigating reports that Fratta had asked many of his acquaintances if they knew someone who would kill his wife. Just days after Farah was murdered, Fratta tried to collect life insurance worth over $200,000. Detectives began tying the pieces together and six months after Farah's death, police arrested Fratta and the two men he had hired to kill Farah. Joseph Prystash was the middle man who had hired the killer, Howard Guidry. Eventually all three defendants were found guilty of the murder of Farah and were sentenced to death. 

Farah's children Bradley, Daniel and Amber were lovingly raised by her parents, Lex and Betty Baquer.

The murder of Farah Fratta was featured on A&E's American Justice in an episode called "The Brit and the Bodybuilder." You can purchase a DVD copy of the episode here. There was also a book written about Farah's murder, "No Safe Place" by Bill Cox.

Howard Guidry won a new trial in 2005 and in 2007 was again sentenced to death for taking the life of Farah.

In October 2007, eleven years after his conviction, federal judge Melinda Harmon granted a new trial to Robert Fratta, citing what she called "constitutionally inadequate testimony." Fratta's retrial is expected to begin in May 2009.

Click here for a local news interview with Farah's parents.

From Lex Baquer, Farah's father:

Farah was born on 5th August 1961 in St. Luke's Hospital in Guildford, Surrey, England..She a bonny little baby, full of life and charm.

She was very popular with her friends in kindergarten and socially as child. She went to Newman High School in Croydon, South London where she lived and finally graduated in 1978. After her seniors years in college, she decided to pursue her career in Airline Ticketing. She worked in Croydon with a Travel Agency for a year.

Farah was very popular with her employer and her friends adored her. She had a boyfriend to whom she was engaged. Farah had two very close school friends and later become very friendly with her brother’s girlfriend. All three of those girls have remained loyal...

In 1981, her parents emigrated to Houston Texas and although Farah was engaged, she accompanied her parents to the USA. She had very strong bond and love for her parents and was very close to her Father.

She applied to various airlines in Houston and within a week, American Airlines offered her a job as a ticketing Agent. Farah had charisma, charm and a dynamic personality. She got along so well with her colleagues as well as Management. She was very popular.

This is where she met Robert Fratta. He charmed her and Farah, being a simple English girl, fell for his charm and looks. In spite of other girls in her office warning her about Fratta, she broke her engagement with her English boyfriend. Fratta exploited her and took advantage of her morals and values of life. They got married and three years later had three beautiful children. She loved her husband very much and was willing to do anything to keep her family together. Farah adored and loved her children.

Farah kept very close contact with her friends near and far. Every Birthday, every Christmas, every NewYear - she never forgot and was always there to be the first one to remember and celebrate for each member of the family and friends.

When she died, there were hundreds of friends and relatives near and far who attended her funeral. Still to this day she is missed and remembered.

Farah was not only my daughter she was my friend, confidante and an excellent navigator. I miss her and always will. She will always remain close to my heart.


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