Heather Lynne Williamson
May 21, 1976 - April 19, 1999

Heather, was very tiny, 5"3, 92 lbs.  She had beautiful, large eyes, they were an amber gold color, and she had a beautiful smile.  Heather, was so full of life, and love. She was so caring, gentle, liked rap music, loved to dance. She was very gifted, she spoke Spanish, could write it, and read it; she had an ear for music, she could play any musical instrument by ear, she could sing, and dance.  She was always so happy and cheerful.  She loved her baby Kiven, who lived with her. He was 18 months old when she was murdered, and she had a 4 year old son, Xavier, in the states, with his Dad and Grandparents.

She was a great, caring, loving daughter, and my best friend that I miss dearly. Heather's hopes were to go back to college.  She wanted to be a physical therapist. She was planning on moving into a home on the other side of the island to be safe from her stalker, Antonio Ortiz, who was her ex-boyfriend, and father of her baby Kiven. This man had numerous court orders to stay away from her and her home, but he would not.  

Heather worked as a waitress at the Outback Steak house in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.  She was assaulted in the parking lot, by Tony Ortiz, on April 15, 1999.  He tried to steal money from my daughter to go into the casino to gamble.  She fought him from taking her money; he broke my daughter's left wrist, and he threatened to kill her, and her baby!

On April 16, 1999, he broke into my daughter's apartment and waited for her.  Heather was too scared to come home, so she stayed with co-workers for a couple of days. On April 19, 1999, a police officer told Heather that Tony was in jail on $40,000 bond; she had no idea that this was not true. 

My daughter got a ride to her apartment as she had no car. She went into her apartment, took off her socks and shoes, and was going into her bedroom when she was assaulted by Tony Ortiz, and was trapped in a small room between a dresser, the crib, Tony, and a bed. He beat her in the face.  Every inch of her face was covered; he broke her nose, he slit her throat, threw her on the bed and stabbed my daughter, hundreds of times. After her death, he destroyed every major internal organ in my child's body.  

Heather had left her baby with his great-aunt; by this kind act, she saved her baby from being murdered too. The police placed the baby hours later in protective custody. The judge gave the baby, temporary custody, to the great-aunt of the murderer, until she hears our case.  

It has been a year since the murder. My grandson's fate is in the hands of the court of Puerto Rico.  They do not move too quickly over there. There is so much corruption in this case, and in the murder case that it is so overwhelming at times.

Tony was allowed to plea-bargain after what he did; which seems so insane! He got second degree murder, and 40 years!  What justice is that after hurting, threatening, stalking a young, beautiful woman who had her whole life ahead of her, so many unfilled dreams.  She was so tragically taken from her baby, her son, her mom, brother, grandparents, family members and friends.

The ones left behind are suffering greatly. Heather was my only daughter. She was murdered at the age of twenty-two, a month before her 23rd birthday, and 4 days before my birthday.

Tony Ortiz, beat, murdered and mutilated my daughter because he was in a rage and angry at her for not seeing him anymore.  These are the words he confessed to.  I hate the government of Puerto Rico. They did not take his threats seriously, and they could have prevented her death. Tony Ortiz was not judged on earth accordingly but he will be judged by God accordingly on Judgment Day, for all his wrong, especially to Heather, and baby Kiven. 

Linda, Heather's Mom

A child is a gift from God.