James Patrick Paul Connor
He lived a full life to age 33  when he was beaten after being robbed of his jewelry and cash, then murdered and buried about 20 miles from our home.  

OUR LOSS . . .

I am overwhelmed with so many young people taken from life so violently.  We lost our son Aug. 23, 1998. They found our car in a pond at a nearby police station; six months later, Jan. 10, 1999  his body was discovered in a nearby park. He had been robbed, kidnapped, beaten, killed and buried. We are now facing the horrors of reliving this pain, and we haven't forgotten the loss of our 33-year-old son for a second. He's in our thoughts when we awaken as well as when we try to get some rest -- every day.

James would have been 36 this year, on April 13.  My son was a man of the sea; had just gotten his captain's license two weeks prior to his murder.  He loved boats and the water....as well as music, dancing - life in general.  Nature, sky, clouds...he was a special person and a gentleman.


Here is a photo of my son Jim's best friend - Doc - an Australian Shepherd.  This dog has been our lifeline since Jim was missing those 5 1/2 months and than has been our therapist for the past two years.    


Email us at ConnorFamily@murdervictims.com
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