Jerry Murphy

My cousin, Jerry Murphy, was killed in a small town in the Big Thicket region of East Texas. He grew up in Sulphur, Texas and is now eternally residing in Romayor, Texas. I have been told many stories of a past Jerry kept hidden from his family. I also KNOW stories of his unselfishness and of his growing haste in keeping some younger children in the community from following in his marked footsteps. Regardless of anything he may have done, and rest assured there have never been accusations of anything as serious as murder, sexual assault or aggravated assault, he did not deserve to be murdered.

At his funeral, alongside a host of relatives, I had to watch as the witnesses to his murder filed past his casket...some without even the respect to don more than cut-off sweat pants for the occasion. We stood by his graveside having to know that killers stood among us and that, due to the corruption or incompetence of the local police force, those people, though named, still had every right to be there rather than in a cell.

I looked into the eyes of those people and I am assured that they know what I saw. I also feel sure that some of those young people want to tell what they know. I have searched for days to find a forum for this request...if YOU know anything, come forward...if you have any advice as to what I can do to further this investigation within the state government, or at least increase my chances of eliciting a response from someone (there were several) who was there, please help.  


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