I'd like to tell you about my mom.  Her name is Joan Robinson a mother of four children, ( Mike, Tony, Wayne, Dee).  She has grandchildren, some she has never got to see.

I'll start out by saying she was a great person, it never took much to make her happy, just the simple things in life.  She liked to bowl, work, and meet new people.  She collected Indian figures and statues.  

My mom was a great mother she raised all of us by herself, and did a great job of it too.  we love our mom and miss her so much.

It was about 17 years when I called and called  her at her house, then went up there only to find her killed.

I found her in her bedroom on the floor, she was strangled, and stabbed to death.

The police said it wasn't  burglary; the the person who killed her was some one who knew her.

My mom lived in Highland Town of Baltimore city off of Conklin Street. There was a bar on one corner, and a funeral parlor on the other, and a beauty salon too. She lived around on the corner of the beauty salon.

On a cold February day, I tried calling my mother.  Just the day before we had gone to the doctor and she had asked me to come home with her.  I knew something was bothering her but wasn't quite sure, but I told her I couldn't; that I had to get home right away ..... well .... now I'm sorry I didn't....that was the last time I heard and saw my mother alive.

The next day I tried calling my mother. I tried several times but there was no answer.  I knew my mother should be home getting ready for work, but when she didn't answer the phone ... I knew something was wrong.

After not getting a answer, me and a friend of mine walked up to her house, she lived pretty far so it took some time to get there. When we did get there I knocked and knocked but no answer, after knocking for a while I decide to go in, after many tries I finally got the door open.

When I got in the house, I called for her, no answer. I then looked around through the dining room, bathroom, living room, and kitchen...then the bedroom ... that's where I found her, lying on the floor, all dressed up in black (my mom didn't wear all black) and laying there real still.

I yelled "MOM!", then went to her side to find out that she was dead.

Someone had dressed her up, strangled her, then stabbed her repeatedly.

Her case now after 17 years has been reopened.   The police say that who ever killed my mom knew her ... there was no forced entry and the money that was in the house was still there and the house wasn't destroyed, just her bedroom.

If anyone reading this knows anything about my mom's murder, please contact me through email.

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