Layton Leslie Paul Montpellier was born March 25th, 1979 in High Prairie, Alberta, Canada. He is survived by his father and mother, Paul and Nellie; his older brother Lane and his wife Celeste and their kids Dillon and Carson; his younger brother Leslie; his fiancée, Dawn Hopkins; and his numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins.

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Click for full-size imageLayton was our 6'6" gentle giant. Even though he was always taller than everyone, he never looked down on anyone. When Layton passed away on November 10th, 2001,our entire future was taken away. Layton was my boyfriend of four years but we were so much closer than that. He was my best friend. We shared everything. We shared our lives. It was as if we were one person.

As soon as we started dating, we knew we were made for each other. Our personalities were so much alike that we just blended into one person. That summer we tried to see each other every day even though we lived half an hour apart. Every time I saw him, it put a smile on my face.

The next four years were filled with love. We would tell each other how much we cared for each other every day. Layton would always say, "I love you." And I would respond, "I love you more." And he would say, "You couldn't possibly."

In our four-year relationship, Layton wrote me so very many love letters. This is an example of one. Layton wrote,

"I am so incredibly happy and proud to be with a girl like you who is passionate, beautiful, fun, smart, funny, and wonderful. You give me the drive and determination to get up each and every morning, put a smile on my face and have a great day. I enjoy and love every minute we spend together and I look forward to having the most wonderful life together with you by my side. I am madly in love with you and care about you with all my heart. Have a special Valentines Day; I love you! Layton!"

The last two years before Layton passed away, we lived together in Edmonton. He was the perfect roommate. Every night we would curl up in bed and say, "This is the best feeling in the world."

Layton graduated from G.P. Vanier High School in June of 1997. He was co-valedictorian of his class. He started attending the University of Alberta in September of 1997. Layton was 1 ½ semesters away from obtaining his Chemical Engineering Degree, specializing in Computer Process Control. An honorary degree was awarded posthumously in April 2002.

Click for full-size imageLayton enjoyed sports of all kinds. He played hockey and volleyball in high school. In University he played on three hockey teams: a men's league team, The End Zone Cannons; a chemical engineering team; and a chemical engineering ball hockey team. Layton played hockey at least twice a week while in school. Layton played baseball every summer with mixed leagues. Layton enjoyed weight lifting and went to the gym around 5 to 6 times a week. He enjoyed being fit and staying active.

Layton had I had been dating for 3 ½ years when he passed away. We had been living together while attending the U of A.

Layton planned to graduate from University in April and then get a job in his field. He had sent out many resumes and had already been interviewed for a couple of jobs. Layton planned to work and make money to pay off his student loans and pay back his parents for helping him get through school. Layton and I were planning to marry once we both were finished attending school.

Click for full-size imageLayton and I had been living in Edmonton together for the last two years. On November 1st, Layton went to Reno, Nevada with some Chemical Engineering buddies for five days. When he got back we were both very busy with midterms and then I left for the long weekend break because of Canada's Remembrance Day.

So I left Edmonton on November 8th to go visit my family and friends in Grande Prairie. Layton's little brother, Leslie, came up from Red Deer to get some help with his engineering classes. Layton wrote a midterm on Friday and then decided to go out to the bar with some of the boys from his hockey team. Leslie stayed at the apartment.

Layton went to a bar on the west end of Edmonton. Layton partied with his friends that night until around 2 am when no one saw Layton again. Layton (who had never been in a fight before) ran into a man on the dance floor. Things got heated and punches were thrown. One of the man's friends jumped in and it was two on one. The bouncers at the bar threw all three men out the back door together, basically sending Layton to his death.

The one young man, who just turned 18 that night at midnight (legal drinking age in Canada), pulled a knife and Layton ran. Layton ran two blocks where he fell and tripped. The two men jumped on top of him and stabbed him. Layton was able to get up and ran another block to a gas station. He stumbled inside and the clerk pushed the alarm button which locks the doors.

The two men followed banging on the door and yelling death threats. But they had already killed him. Layton died on the gas station floor from a stab wound to the left ventricle of his heart. The two men are charged with second degree murder and possession of an illegal weapon. They were let out on bail on November 28th, 2001.

I am very upset that the bar threw all three of them out together. I am very upset that this young man carried a knife into the bar. I am very upset that my brilliant, talented, 22-year-old boyfriend was taken out of this world by an 18-year-old who has a past criminal record and didn't even graduate from high school. I am very upset that I lost my true love and I am only 20 years old.

We had Layton's funeral in his home town of Falher on November 16th where he is now buried. Layton was Edmonton's 17th murder victim of the year. I just never thought this would happen to anyone I cared about. Now it has happened to the person I cared most about in the entire world.

We are currently raising money towards the Layton Montpellier Scholarship fund which will be available through the University of Alberta.  $10,000 is required to start the fund and we raised $5300 in only 6 weeks!


Wisps of distant memories,
Are dancing in my soul;
The sweetness and the sadness,
Will follow wherever I go.
For I will take you with me,
My heart will hold you near;
While wisps of distant memories,
Will mingle with my tears.

Arms that held me with such strength,
Will hold me still, at night;
In dreams of you, my comfort comes,
Until the morning light.
Then in the dawn of each new day,
I'll look there for your face;
In wisps of distant memories,
Time never can erase.

I'll see you in the evening,
In the setting of the day;
Your memory will hold me near,
You'll never be far away.
When I am standing on the shore,
And waves come crashing in;
I will hear your voice as it whispers,
Upon the ocean wind.

Deep within my shattered heart,
Amid the bittersweet pain;
In wisps of distant memories,
Your love will still remain.

Allison Chambers Coxsey


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