Lucille and Ernest Moore lived in Gadsden Alabama, and were known by friends and family as extremely kind people, who always had time to give.

Ernest was very devoted to his family. He always worked hard, and enjoyed making people laugh. I never had a conversation with him that he did not tell a joke. 

Lucille was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She always had a smile on her face, and I never heard her speak of anyone in a negative way.

They had one son, Johnny, that they both lived for . They raised him to be a wonderful caring person. I know because I have been his wife for 24 years. 

They loved each other so much it really showed. It always made me feel good to be with them. They took me in as if they had known me my whole life. Both showing me over and over again how much I meant to them.

On November 4th 1991 Michael Shannon Taylor had a friend drop him off at their home. Michael Taylor had mowed Lucille and Ernest 's lawn before. He went to their door, and asked to use their phone. 

They were happy to see him, and invited him in. They fed him a doughnut and some water while having conversation. Michael Taylor went over to their phone, and faked using it. 

After that, Ernest asked Michael if he wanted more water. He said yes ,and followed him into the kitchen. There, he beat Ernest in the head over and over again. Lucille heard the commotion, and ran into the kitchen to see what was happening. She found Ernest on the floor by the refrigerator. 

When she bent down to see about him Taylor started beating her over and over again. Ernest then tried to move. He went back to beating Ernest. Lucille begged him to stop, and asked why? He started beating her again then. 

I know firsthand, because Lucille told me everything several times before she died. He took their car keys, stole some checks, and her purse. When he left in their car he pulled the garage door down, so no one would notice their car was gone, and left them for dead.

Johnny and I lived in Jackson Mississippi then. We called them every Sunday and Wednesday. When I could not reach them Wednesday, I called their neighbors and asked them to go over to tell them I was trying to call. When they knocked on the door they heard my mother in law crying for help. They had laid there since Monday. 

Ernest was dead with at least 17 splits in his skull. Lucille had at least 10, and you could not see her left eye. She lived several days after that brutal assault, and I know in my heart she did it to tell me what happened. 

Michael Taylor was captured, and confessed to the crimes. He was sentenced to death on 3 counts of capitol murder, and is on death row in Atmore Alabama. He watches tv, plays volleyball land writes on the internet. He has at least 4 web sites. In these he describes Alabama as being barbaric, racist ;and prejudice. If he is ever executed, it will take 20 years to go through all of the appeals. How can this be? 

I miss Lucille and Ernest very much. There isn't a day that goes by we don't speak of them. We plan on fighting for them to see that justice is served. We need help to see that the courts do what they say they will.

Lisa Moore

We'll always be together
Weather every storm
Arms around each other
We're always safe and warm

Treat the rain like sunshine
It falls so tenderly
Feel the silken moisture
Welcomed so deeply

Walk with you beside me
The strength you give is there
My friend my heart my spirit
Our storms in life we share

So light our steps together
Each one we take in stride
Holding on forever
With love we shall provide

We compliment each other
No fear of what's to come
Dealing with the best we have
Support and love blossom

In life we share all burdens
We'll cry or shed a tear
Our cup may fill an ocean
Together we shall steer.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission





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