Crystal Ann Abney was murdered on June 26, 2000. Crystal was strangled to death.  Crystal left behind 3 children. Emily, 4; Abby, 2 and Kaleb, 10 months. We love and miss her terribly. 

Crystal has left many footprints on all our hearts, our minds and our lives.  We had the good fortune of having her and loving her as our daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt and many cousins.  She had a magnetic goodness about her that when you were around her, you left feeling lighter and happier than you had before without knowing exactly why.

Family was her number one priority in life.  She cherished her three children, Emily, Abby and Kaleb - she often boasted of their accomplishments.  A caring and devoted Aunt who loved her nephews as much as she loved her own kids.  Spending time with her sister Melissa and with us was one of her favorite pastimes.  

One of the fondest memories of Crystal was her love of her family, immediate and extended.  Our Crystal was like a gentle spray of morning sunshine whenever you saw her.  If there was a funny story to be told or a spontaneous slumber party to be had, Crystal was always in the middle of things.

Crystal's love of life was contagious, all the children (and there's quite a few of them with this bunch) will remember her singing and dancing with them, or dancing down the aisles of Wal-Mart.  Just the innocent way she would experience new things with child-like wonder.  

Just having returned from New York before this tragedy, Crystal had the time of her life being in the Big Apple for the first time.  Making her friends with her smile as they taught her about all the protocols of traveling. 

She was our Lucy - she loved to laugh and to make us laugh, even if it was unintentional at times.  Crystal's unique way of making those around her smile was a special blessing to the family and friends who loved her. 

Forever cheerful and smiling, she was always ready to lend a hand to whomever needed help, whether it be her Dad with painting the house to fixing a transmission, to helping me clean the house or babysitting, she was always there.  As well as being fun-loving and positive, she had a quiet, serene way of comforting the ones she loved.  The smiles she generated with her funny antics accompanied by her heart-warming laughter made her a favorite amongst family and friends.  Her sensitivity, her unwavering devotion to her children, family, friends and acquaintances, her willingness to lend a helping hand, her warmth and charm were just a few of the many qualities that endeared her to everyone that knew her.  

Possessing a extraordinary brand of inner beauty that will be remembered by generations to come, Crystal was a delightful young woman who frequently let her inner child come out to play.   Crystal's love for the Lord was very important to her.  She was a great journal-keeper and Crystal thanked the Lord daily for her children, family and for His Son who died for us. 

Crystal was a receptionist for a beauty salon and had just enrolled to beauty college.  Crystal was so excited about this new adventure.  Crystal had gone to Floral School and loved to decorate and arrange flowers.  Crystal loved roses and the colors blue, burgundy and green.  Her love of decorating, making things beautiful, was her pastime.  Crystal's presence will be greatly missed and our memories cherished.  We know that Crystal is in a much better place and waiting for us all.  We love and miss you much Crystal.


Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 7:06 PM

Just a quick note to let you know that today, May 2, Crystal's alleged murderer was arrested.  It was her ex-husband Trevor Corbett.  We have been waiting 10 long months for this day.  I just wanted you to know.  Thank you for the beautiful page that you made for her.

Diana Abney



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