March 12, 1996

My name is Richard Kent Lemmon, Sr.  Please call me Rick.  I am 40 years old.  My twin brother, Ronald Brent Lemmon, nicknamed "Ron", was brutally murdered in Houston at his home on May 30, 1995.  My first birthday without my twin is tomorrow.  I love and miss him so very much.  I still cry my eyes out every day.  Ron was the perfect living example of "unconditional love" for myself and my entire family.  We were born by cesarean section, one minute apart.  He had his legs around my neck and my legs were around his neck.  We were holding on to each other for dear life and could not be delivered naturally.  I will always love my twin brother.  Everyone imaginable tells me that Ron is in Heaven and I agree.  Ron loved God and I know he is with God in Heaven.

I am a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner.  I work for a major oil company and hold the position of Senior Auditor.  When Ron was murdered, I was on an assignment in Angola, Africa.

Ron had been house-sitting at my home over the weekend while my wife and son were out of town visiting relatives.  He had arrived back at his home Monday afternoon in time to take his roommate to the airport for a business flight to Siberia, Russia.  After arriving back at his own home, the details become controversial.  Our family believes Ron watched a Houston Rockets playoff game and had some mixed drinks.  He was a big Rockets fan.

Three young men, 21 years and younger, entered Ron's home.  Ron did not know them.  (They claim they were invited by Ron for a drink; I do not believe this at all.  Why would a 40 year old man invite a 21 year old or younger men into his home?  This is totally out of line with Ron's character.)  While Ron's back was turned, one of the men beat Ron with a baseball bat, multiple times in the back of his head.  This incapacitated Ron on the living room floor in a pool of blood. The two eyewitnesses fled Ron's house.  One of the eyewitnesses (according to his statement) subsequently came back to Ron's house and found the murderer ransacking Ron's house, stealing his belongings.  When the eyewitness entered Ron's house, he and the murderer heard Ron moan. The murderer again picked up the baseball bat and beat Ron multiple times until he had one-half of a head left.  The eyewitness claims he left Ron's home after retrieving a tequila bottle with his fingerprints on it.   No one came to Ron's aid.  His body was found by police 10 and a half hours later.

What we did not know at the time is sickening.  The eyewitness who claimed he retrieved a tequila bottle has been charged with the capital murder of another man which occurred approximately one month earlier.  The other eyewitness has been implicated in three capital murders.  Both Ron's murderer and the eyewitness charged with the other capital murder are currently in the Harris County (Texas) jail awaiting trials.  The eyewitness implicated in the three capital murders gets to "walk free" because he is the "Squealer", telling about Ron's murder and the other capital murder involving the eyewitness.

Although I know my brother was set up by these three SCUM, only the murderer has been charged because there is no proof the eyewitnesses were accessories to Ron's murder.  The District Attorney told me the eyewitness who witnessed Ron's second beating tried to explain why his fingerprints were in Ron's bedroom; on Ron's filing cabinet and dresser.  He said he was trying to locate a bathroom in Ron's house (before the murder).  Why didn't he ask Ron directions to the bathroom if Ron was still alive when he was looking for it, or was he actually ransacking the house with the murderer? (Ed. note: He was looking in the filing cabinet and the dresser for the toilet?)

Angola, Africa is six hours ahead of Central Standard Time.  At approximately 4:30am, Angola time, or 10:30pm CST, I experienced excruciating pain in my upper abdominal area.  I had been told I would probably get sick during my stay in Angola from the food and filth, but when I woke up I was just doubled up in pain.  I was confused.  Was I intensely sick or what? I thought of my family but I did not have focused thoughts of Ron, just everyone.  This pain continued for approximately 4 hours and finally subsided.   I now know that Ron survived the beating for this period of time.  Due to no one coming to Ron's aid for 10 and a half hours and then the police finding his body, it was not until Tuesday evening, Angola time, that I called my wife at an appointed time only to find out that a body had been discovered at Ron's residence.  My younger brother and Father had gone to the morgue to identify the body. Shortly thereafter, my boss informed me that it was indeed Ron.  I screamed in pain!!  I knew what I had felt.  A part of me was leaving me.  Here I was in "harm's way" and my Twin Brother, who was "safe" at home had been brutally murdered.  My Loving Twin Brother.  It did not seem real.  I still cannot believe it could happen.  It took me 22 and a half hours of almost non-stop flying to get home to Houston. I called my Father on his birthday, May 31st, from Paris.  I cried and so did he.  At the time my plane touched down in Houston, the killer had just been apprehended, jailed and charged with capital murder.  I have tried to be strong for my family and not be an emotional basket case.  I pray a lot.

The trial is set to start April 8, 1996.   I pray for righteous justice.  What a nightmare!  When will I wake up?



Ron's murderer was tried and convicted of capital murder.  He received "Life" (40 years before possibility of parole) for his brutal crime.  Our family strongly feels he should have received "Death Without Appeals".  At the trial, eyewitnesses testified of his bragging about the murder and robbery of my Twin.

Ron was a GOOD MAN and Ron's murderer was SCUM of the Earth.

Ron's murderer had been sentenced to "boot camp" for a previous felony crime (auto theft and running from police) but there was not room for him there. His punishment for this crime was paying a monthly fee to the probation department. During the time he should have been there, receiving help, he murdered my Twin.

Our family wishes to thank the good people of Justice For All and Parents of Murdered Children who gave of their time to assist us as victims, educate us on the "criminal" justice system and show us how we could help make a difference with legislative reform of obviously idiotic laws which enable repeat offenders to be set free to do harm to good citizens.

Our family prays that others will see the light regarding what is happening within the criminal justice system and join and support Justice For All in the Good Cause because when the police leave you and you do not know where to turn, these people will help.


Sharing life's adventures
I want you by my side
Showing me good things in life
Keeping with your stride

Looking up to see the best
Your eyes are what I see
Reflecting all the light I want
That shines so naturally

Hand in hand together
I'll want you on my path
Our journey is forever
Our friendship it will last

Within the treasured memories
That we will hold so dear
The days that we will reminisce
The laughter we will hear

Days of this good fortune
We'll never leave behind
They'll always be a part of
The days our hearts did bind

Happiness in sharing
Greatest things we found
Friendships last forever
Our life will now be bound.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission







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