Sue Luna
Knik River, Chugach Mountains


Sue was a beautiful person, a loving friend with a heart of gold.  Her smile could light up a room.  Sue could turn your very worst day, into your best, just by being there and talking things out.  She had a zest for life, and a deep love for people.

We do not know the exact date of Sue's death.  Robert Hansen, Alaska's Serial Killer, took Sue out to the Knik River in Alaska, stripped her, and made her run like an animal while he hunted her down, and eventually killing her.  He shot her to death.  He did the same to 16 other women.  Her death was in 1983.  I've never gotten over it, and I never will.

Once in a lifetime, a true friend comes along, that makes your day brighter, and your life better.  Sue loved to laugh.  She was a clown, always making faces, or imitating Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.  [Mick]She would poke her lips out and pretend to be singing "Satisfaction."  She would do this until I was literally doubled over with laughter.  

I miss her so much, I miss her friendship and love. It has been 17 years since Sue died, and it feels like yesterday in my heart.  I have wonderful memories of my friend who made my life so much better, and I will keep them always.   I know Sue is in Heaven, looking down on the people she loved and cared for.  She will always be remembered.  

He killed my friend, but he could never kill my memories of Sue Luna.

Love and miss you Sue

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