William Barton Carter
August 20, 1969 - October 3, 1999



Not a day goes by that we don't miss you so.  
We'll never understand why you had to go.
You left so unexpectedly, we didn't get to say goodbye,
there isn't a good reason for the way you had to die.
Some forget so easy, with their lives they just go on,
pushing aside the memories that have been there for so long.
So until we meet again and we see your smiling face, 
there is no one on this earth that could ever take your place.


We miss your very much dear Bill. It's almost been a year, but we will always remember you in our hearts, and through each and every tear.

Mama, David, Debbie, Lisa, Carol, Laura, Kelley, Jamie, Corey, and kids



We grew up in a large family, 8 kids in all. We were all very close as kids.  Bill and I were 13 months apart, so we were fairly close growing up.  Of course as you get older and get married you tend to grow apart. With my job and trying to care for my own family, that didn't leave much time for anything else. Bill was fun-loving, and although there were many times that we didn't see eye to eye, we still loved and cared for each other very much.  He was 30 years old on Aug. 20, 1999. He never married or had kids to carry on his name or legacy. He was still young, and wanted to live life to its fullest and have fun before settling down to marry and have kids, and after growing up in a broken home, I guess he didn't want to take the chance of it happening to his children, so he wanted to make sure he got it right the first time. He had many friends, probably more than he knew. They thought a great deal of Bill. They cried as much as we did over Bill's death. 

He didn't lead the perfect life, but who does? He was starting to make that turn between boy and man. Starting to take some responsibility for his actions. He was always tender hearted, never came off that way, but deep down everybody knew that. If you needed a dollar and it was his last one he would have given it to you. It's hard for me to really describe the kind of person Bill was, because everyone that knew him knew that he was just Bill. His own person that had his own ways. The murder happened on Sunday, October 3, 1999, a day I will never forget as long I live.  He was killed in Hartwell, GA, a small town where things like this aren't supposed to happen, let alone to you. I really can't go in to much detail because the trial or jury selection has not begun yet. They do have the suspect in jail, holding him without bond. 

I can't describe how I feel inside, so empty and lonely. Not knowing myself what he went through, hoping that God was there and took away his pain. I pray to God everyday that he held him and told him that it was going to be alright. I never got to say goodbye or I love you before he died. We couldn't have an open casket because of the extent of murder. 

I'll always want to know why he didn't call me, he always called me if he needed help, and he didn't call me. I felt deep down that something was wrong, but I couldn't grasp on to what it was, until I went to my mother's house that Sunday afternoon. That was one of the worst parts. People had been calling my mother's house and actually asking her if it was true, when she hadn't heard anything. 

The local sheriff's department had went and leaked information to everyone except the people they should have told - us. My sisters and brother were sitting at the sheriff's office when I got there about 3:00, they had been there since noon, and still no one would tell them anything, yet they were still telling everyone all over town. Finally around 7:30, they confirmed it with my sister that it was Bill. 

Why couldn't they have confirmed it at 12:00, they had already confirmed it with the rest of the town. That really hurt my family. I hope that it never happens to anyone else like that, though I'm sure it probably happens all the time.   Do they know how much that they betrayed us? We asked and asked and they would say that they couldn't tell us anything, but they could tell the rest of the community - they couldn't tell us, although we all knew deep down that it was Bill, we kept hanging own to that last bit of hope. 

I wish every day that I could take his place, for my mother's sake, I just don't think she would hurt so bad, if it had been me instead.  



My brother "Bill" was murdered. I still don't know how to come to terms with this. If you could make any suggestions of how my family and I can get through this horror and the ordeal of the trial of his alleged killer, please e-mail me at WilliamCarterFamily@murdervictims.com.


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