Michael Thomason


May 1999

by one of his three sisters, Patty Keister

Michael Thomason was the first born and only son of Juanita and Bob Thomason. He was a very caring and loving son and brother. He did not believe in violence. Mike went out of his way to always help others. I remember how he always helped our elderly neighbor with his bills, and was there to wait and help out numerous times for the ambulance when our neighbor was having heart problems.

At the time of Michael’s brutal murder, he was working as a corrections officer in Kansas City, Missouri. He was also taking classes to become a counselor at the prison to try and help the inmates change their lives. He was like by both his co-workers and the inmates.

On September 16, 1992, Carlos Medrona savagely took my brother’s life and, along with Mike’s life, Carlos took years off both our mom’s and dad’s lives. You can tell when you look into their eyes. I have a hard time myself now when I’m out, especially when my two sons, ages 7 and 11, are with me, at night worrying about walking through a parking lot or even the car pulling up next to ours at a stoplight. Mike had a 1969 Cadillac as he liked old collector cars. Although we’ll never know for sure, the police feel that Carlos was out for Mike’s car, but in Kansas at the time of his murder, you had to be able to prove pre-meditation to get a first-degree conviction. Mike was stabbed 61 times, both on the front and back of his body, and beaten with a 2′ x 4′.

Carlos was apprehended a few days later in Colorado after he was involved in a hit and run with Mike’s car. He was convicted of second degree murder, which carries a sentence of seven years to LIFE. Never again will Michael have a chance to help another person or watch his niece and four nephews grow up.

I have been following Carlos in prison and he has had to be moved several times from one medium facility to another, and is now in a maximum facility. I believe with all my heart that Carlos has not changed.