Sandra Jean Patton

Sandra Jean Patton by her mother, Esther Patton

Victim: Sandra Jean Patton, 26 years old

Family: Mother and father, brother. Murderer: unknown

In the early morning on June 5, 1987, I telephoned my daughter, Sandra, to let her know that my luggage was packed and ready for her to pick me up. This was Sandy’s twenty sixth birthday and we were going to celebrate it by going on a two week trip to Hawaii. She answered the phone and we were discussing the time we would meet the bus that would take us to the airport. The next sounds I heard were Sandy’s terrifying screams. That would be the last time I would hear her voice. When I called back, all I heard was a busy signal. I called the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and explained my problem. I next called a neighbor who drove me to Sandy’s home. When we arrived at the cottage, the Sebastopol Police had surrounded the house with yellow tape. Inside, the police had found her body kneeling next to her bed. A victim of sexual assault, bludgeoned and strangled to death.

Who and why could any one do this to our beautiful daughter? Such a kind and gentle soul. Sandy loved her life, adored her father and me, her brother, and her pet cat. She was always a delight in our lives. Sandy had a charming and exuberant personality and was a special friend to all who knew her because of her compassionate and caring manner. She showed a fondness toward the seniors and enjoyed talking and listening to their stories. Over 300 people attended her memorial service. There were many testimonials from so many friends and acquaintances. One stands out from a grateful, elderly lady who called Sandy at the store because her heart medication had run out and she could not get to the pharmacy because of a storm. Of course, Sandy was able to get the prescription and drove out to deliver it to her. Sandy was very creative and had a flair for writing poetry about her love of nature, animals and people. She attended Santa Rosa Junior College and studied the arts, was an avid photographer and with her expertise in this field, was an asset for the job she held at Longs Drug Store in the photography department. The night before Sandy’s vacation, her friends surprised her with a birthday party. The next morning, she was found murdered, on her twenty sixth birthday. This case remains unsolved after twelve years. There have been no results from the investigation by Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department. There is someone OUT THERE who knows who committed this brutal murder. We will not give up searching until this case is solved. We need your help.


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