Shaundra Lynn Murr

Shaundra Lynn Murr



Victim: Shaundra Lynn Murr, 23 year old mother of two. A stalking victim before her murder.

Family: Norene and Fred Lamoreaux, parents of Shaundra. Tina and Dick Schell, grandparents to Shaundra’s two surviving children, Amber and Joshua.

Murderer: Harry T. Sedlak, a former boyfriend. A restraining order had been issued against him two days before he murdered Shaundra.


June 1999 by Norene Lamoreaux

As Shaundra and her children left the house on May 28, 1990, it was a beautiful and promising spring afternoon in Colorado. Shaundra had planned her youngest child’s birthday party with loving care; Joshua would be three years old that day. Shaundra’s first child, Amber, was as excited as a 4 1/2 year old giggly girl can get – they would eat pizza and all of their friends would be there to play. Shaundra stopped by to pick up her friend LIsa and Lisa’s 6-year-old boy on the way to the party. All was going according to plan until Harry Sedlak stalked Shaundra for the last time.

Shaundra had just stepped out of her car to help Lisa when Sedlak drove by, stopped about 200 feet from Shaundra, then threw his car into reverse, aiming at Shaundra. He struck her and pinned her between his car and a parked car on the street. Police Lt. Rich Resling said the car’s engine accelerated and its wheels spun while Shaundra hung, trapped between the two cars. Sedlak’s car then went forward, allowing Shaundra to fall to the pavement. Sedlak then backed over Shaundra and onto a lawn, hitting a fence. Sedlak then went forward again, hitting and running over Shaundra a third time.

As this endless, brutal act was taking place, Shaundra’s “munchkins” Amber and Joshua watched from inside their car, helpless and horrified. Shaundra, still concious before the ambulance arrived, though she lay fatally injured on the street, repeatedly yelled at her friend Lisa, “Keep the kids away! Keep the kids away!” Their mommy would die that evening, just after 10 pm.

Sedlak fled the murder scene and was apprehended 24 hours after the murder. He confessed to second degree murder and was sentenced to 22 years in prison on August 23, 1991. Shaundra’s family later learned that Shaundra had obtained a restraining order against Sedlak just two days before her murder.

Today, Shaundra’s two children live with their grandparents. The impact of this tragedy on the children will be with them forever. Although many children grow up without a mother for one reason or another, the fact that Amber and Joshua witnessed their mother’s death greatly complicates their recovery. They have good days and bad days; the trauma will always be with them.

The families were shocked to learn that the Colorado Parole Board had granted Sedlak a parole hearing in March of 1999! Fortunately, his parole was denied. We at CAH will be here again to help these families with the next parole.