The Mother Who Loved Painkillers Over Her Children

Susan Eubanks murdered her four sons in San Marcos, California. Learn the reason behind her wanting her sons dead.
Susan Eubanks

Susan Eubanks, 33 would murder her four sons ages from 4 to 14 in San Marcos, California on October 27, 1996. Eubanks would be sentenced regarding murdering her four boys just a few years later October 13, 1999.

Susan Eubanks

On the lovely day of October 26, 1999, Susan Eubanks in the city of San Marcos, California ended the days of her four children. The young men, extending in age from 4-14, were altogether shot in the head. She at that point turned the weapon and shot herself in the stomach. As per her guard legal counselors, she shot herself because of an endeavored suicide. Just a single other individual was in the home at the hour of the killings, Ms. Eubank’s 5-year-old nephew, who was discovered safe.

Subsequent to going through the day drinking with her beau and taking Valium, they started to battle. When home, she at that point cut 2 tires on his vehicle and would not give him access the home. He called the police and they at that point accompanied him to the home, where he evacuated a few assets and left. As indicated by her protection group, this was the impetus of the killings. They guaranteed that it was then that she lost control of her brain and body.

In the wake of caution one of the young men’s dads, as to her decreased mental express (The beau told the dad that she “Discussed executing herself and the young men”), the dad at that point called the police office. He requested that the Sheriff’s Department mind the youngsters. At the point when the appointees landed at the home, they heard wailing, and inside, found the three more seasoned young men dead from shot injuries to the head. The most youthful was not yet dead, so a rescue vehicle was called to the scene.

The multi-year-old young men was yet was then surged by rescue vehicle to the emergency clinic, where he would later bite the dust. They at that point found the fifth youngster, her nephew safe. They likewise discovered Susan wailing and experiencing a self-delivered discharge wound. She was likewise sent to the medical clinic. Following 5 days, Ms. Eubanks was accused of 4 tallies of first-degree murder.

The trail started in August of 1999 and the indicting lawyers affirmed that Susan Eubanks had murdered her children because of anger. The wrath was an aftereffect of outrage felt toward their dads and the beau, whom had all decided to leave her. It was guaranteed that she felt the longing to look for vengeance for the disappointment of the connections; that she had needed the dads to likewise know the torment of losing those that had been adored.

The safeguard legal advisors guaranteed that the killings occurred because of “blacking” out; that because of a decreased perspective, she was not responsible for her activities. It was asserted that in the wake of going through the day drinking and utilizing doctor prescribed medications, alongside past feelings of despair and current household unsettling influence, that she at that point turned into a “robot” and did what she thought would evacuate her torment.

During the preliminary, it was noticed that there had been charges of youngster misuse and discuss retribution before the killings. Investigators asserted that she was not experiencing a “dark out” because she needed to stack her weapon twice before she had completed; in this manner giving her adequate time to acknowledge what she was doing and stop. It was additionally noticed that while she had slaughtered her children “execution-style”, she had just shot herself in the stomach to. It was noticed that she most likely would realize how to slaughter herself, subsequent to killing 4 others. Arraigning lawyers accepted that she had shot herself to build her odds of a lesser allegation, or potentially to outline another person for the homicides.

In August of 1999, after only 2 hours of pondering, the jury saw her as blameworthy on every one of the four checks of first-degree murder. Following 2 days, they came back with the sentence of death. In October of 1999 when the judge gave her, her sentence she was then moved to the Central California’s Women’s Institution, where she presently stays waiting for capital punishment.

Eubanks Sentenced to Death

A lady who shot her four children to death and accused medications, liquor and awful associations with men was condemned Thursday to death.

Susan Eubanks demonstrated no feeling when legal hearers gave their choice after two days of considerations.

Unrivaled Court Judge Joan Weber can decide to overlook the jury and sentence Eubanks to life in jail at a condemning hearing not long from now.

“It’s a horrendous thing to need to censure somebody, yet at last, she denounced herself each time she pulled the trigger,” member of the jury Debra Goodwin said outside the court.

Eubanks, 35, executed the four young men, between the ages of 4 to 14, in October 1997 because she was evidently melancholy over her wrecked associations with men. She was isolated from her subsequent spouse, Eric Eubanks, and she had parted ways with her sweetheart that day.

The jobless nursing aide composed five suicide notes before the killings. One to Eric Eubanks expressed: “You sold out me. I’ve lost everyone I’ve cherished. Presently, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to do likewise.”

Took Time to Reload

She shot every one of the young men in the head, two of them twice, and halted once to reload the .38-gauge handgun.

She executed the most seasoned kid, Brandon, while he was sitting in front of the TV. Different young men – Austin, 7; Brigham, 6; and Matthew, 4 – were shot in a room, where they were perched on their cots playing a computer game with their 5-year-old cousin. He was not physically hurt.

She at that point shot herself in the stomach.

Barrier lawyers battled Eubanks executed the youngsters in a snapshot of shortcoming coming full circle quite a while of dependence on physician recommended drugs for work wounds and her bombed associations with men.

There are 544 individuals on California’s death row; 10 are ladies. Just three ladies have been executed across the nation since 1976. The last lady put to death in California was in 1962.

Eubanks Addicted to Painkillers

Barrier lawyer Bill Rafael asserted his customer – a jobless, obligation troubled nursing partner – was a decent mother until business-related wounds prompted her dependence on torment executioners. She likewise started drinking to execute the passionate torment brought about by terrible associations with men, Rafael said.

Examiners contended that Eubanks intentionally plotted to execute the kids to torment her sweetheart and the young men’s dads – her two exes.

Eric Eubanks, the dad of the three most youthful young men, affirmed he was worried in the wake of getting a secretive message on his replying mail from Eubanks that stated, “Bid farewell.”

The day of the killings, Eubanks’ sweetheart, Rene Dobson, called the police and requested that appointees go with him to her home. The two had been drinking throughout the day and contended, and she removed his vehicle keys and sliced his tires.

Boys Dead in Bedroom

Eric Eubanks halted by during that time, and Dobson said he told the dad, “She’s somewhat whacked, and I need you to realize that is she’s discussed killing herself and the young men.”

Under three hours after the fact, delegates discovered 14-year-old Brandon Armstrong shot twice in the head, lying face down on the front room floor, his half-eaten oat spilled around him.

In a room, his 7-year-old sibling, Austin, was discovered sitting upstanding on the top degree of his cot, dead from two shots to the head. Two more youthful siblings, 6-year-old Brigham and 4-year-old Matthew, were on the base bunk, additionally with discharge wounds to the head.

In a room, authorities discovered Eubanks crying and grasping a wicked towel to her stomach.