Why Did you Kill Cheri Newman?

Cheri Newman was a drug addict trying to get clean. Until Patrick Walsh ended her life abruptly. Help this family find out why he ended her life here.
Cheri Newman

Here on MurderVictims.com we have covered many stories of murder victims. The next story we are going to cover is going to be a little bit different than the rest.

So far on the site, we have covered victims who in many people’s eyes would be labeled as a model citizen, but our new case Cheri Newman is far from being a modeled citizen.

However, this does not mean her case is any less valuable than the rest.

About Cheri Newman

When it comes to Cheri Newman nothing will be sugar-coated. Cheri Newman was 28 years old at the time of her murder. Cheri was murdered on May 30, 1995 back in New Britain, Connecticut. To be nice, Cheri was also a known drug addict.

Throughout Cheri’s addiction, Cheri would get involved with a man who is now the prime suspect in her 1995 murder. However, the sad part about this whole ordeal was that Cheri was in the process of quitting her drug habits. Cheri at the time would enter a few rehab facilities. Cheri just had a relapse just prior to her being murdered.

Even though Cheri had a history of using drugs, it would really get out of hand when her father or also known as her hero would die because he had a heart attack back in January of 1993.

About the Crime

Right before her death, Cheri would be last seen alive when she was leaving a social club. This social club had many rumors about it going on at the time. The main rumor has it was being overtaken by a local motorcycle gang that included Patrick Walsh, who was at the time trying to first join the gang. However, Cheri would be taken to a Walsh’s tattoo parlor and this is where they would first start the fight.

Cheri first and foremost would be stabbed in the scalp about 9 times and the neck. This is how Cheri would ultimately die. Walsh would then stuff Cheri’s body inside a wooden crate then take her to the state of New Hampshire where he would officially bury her in one of his friend’s backyard.

Cheri’s family would go crazy just 6 weeks later when they notice she was missing and that no one has seen her in such a long period of time.

Just in luck for the Newman family, Walsh could not keep his mouth shut. There was two people that would talk to the local investigators and tell them what Walsh was telling everyone.

What is even more sad about this whole entire case is that Cheri would eventually be located dead by the state of New Hampshire Police. Cheri’s mother, Joyce would die from having a heart attack as they were delivering the news that Cheri’s body was found and that Cheri was no longer alive and well.

Cheri was the mother to a young child named Christopher. Christopher was only 6 years old at the time his mother was murdered. Since his mother, Cheri passed away, Cheri’s brother along with his wife adopted Christopher and he’s lived with them ever since.


Cheri’s family would be outraged over what the judge game Walsh as a sentence. Even though Walsh’s bond would be set at over $5 million, and Patrick Walsh was known in the media as the “Wild Man” and was formally charged with the murder of Cheri Newman. When Walsh was arrested at his residence, authorities found many weapons. The local authorities would search through his tattoo parlor as well, which Walsh was a co-owner of.

Cheri’s dead body would be in the backyard of a home in the city of Lyndeborough. This would only be after the state police would get information from the CT state police that her body may be over in their jurisdiction.

When it was time for Walsh’s arraignment many people who were either family or friends of the Newman’s came down to the courthouse and waited over two hours to find out what Walsh’s arraignment would consist of.

Shortly after lunch, Walsh would be brought into the courtroom all shackled up. He would sit down and just blankly stare at all the Newman family members that filled the courtroom. However, the sheriff in the courtroom ordered Walsh to not stare at them, and he listened.

According to prison officials, Walsh had an extensive prison record that dates all the way back to 1987. His prison record consists of criminal trespass and assault charges and convictions.

Walsh had many cases pending against him that consisted of first-degree robbery charges. Both cases that were pending against him were serious, but the murder case was even more serious than anyone can ever expect.

The maximum sentence that Walsh can expect to get from the judge in the case regarding the death of Cheri Newman is only 60 years in prison. All the friends and family of Cheri who came to the courtroom on that very day would leave the courthouse even more upset than when they came that morning.

Cheri’s family and friends still do not know what the motive behind Walsh in killing Cheri was. It was unsure if he did it out of spite or if he did it just for fun.

All Cheri’s family know is that they did not only just lose their beloved Cheri, but they also lost Cheri’s mother, Joyce shortly after as well.

All of Cheri’s family believes that not only did he end Cheri’s life, but he also ended Joyce’s life as well. And for him to only get 60 years is a slap in the face for the Newman family who got dealt with two too many deaths in their family in such a short amount of time.