Life That Was Taken Too Fast: Crystal Lyn Bailey

When a relationship goes south, someone ends up dead. Learn more about how Crystal Lyn Bailey lost her life to her boyfriend Christopher Lee MacDonald.Crystal Lyn Bailey was brutally stabbed and killed when she was 22-years of age by Christopher Lee MacDonald.

About Crystal Lyn Bailey

Crystal Lyn Bailey was born on June 7, 1977, to a loving family. All her family adored little Crystal. By the time Crystal was discharged from the hospital, she was already sleeping throughout the night.

Her parents would describe Crystal Lyn Bailey as one of their best babies that they have had. When Crystal became a toddler, Crystal started displaying signs of her intelligence. Her mother and father ended up buying her a record player and when Crystal was 3, she would sit down and listen to all the phonic records because she was eager to read.

By the time Crystal was 5-years-olds he could ready you any book that you gave her. Crystal was also very loving and quiet child. Many people would tell you that you would not even realize she was around with how quiet she was.

Crystal was not only a quiet and loving person, but she was also honest as you could imagine. Crystal never raised her voice and anyone that would ever meet loved her deeply.

Crystal’s parents would describe her as one of the most perfect children any parents can wish for. Crystal’s grandmother referred to crystal always has her little angel.

Through Crystal’s school career, she was always on the honor roll. Crystal was always involved in National Honor Society, church, and other various clubs.

Crystal then took AG classes while she was in high school and graduated as Valedictorian of her graduating class.

Crystal’s extended family loved her so deeply. Most of her family would say she was the most perfect and beautiful person in the entire world.

But Crystal’s life would be cut short for that matter.

Christopher Lee MacDonald was the man accused for her murdering Crystal Lyn Bailey. At first, it was unknown if Christopher Lee MacDonald was going to be tried for capital murder.

Luckily, for the family and friends of Crystal Lyn Bailey, the case did qualify under the guidelines for capital murder.

Christopher Lee MacDonald was Crystal Lyn Bailey’s boyfriend at the time of the murder. MacDonald murdered Crystal in her bed. Crystal was stabbed over 30 times. The murder of Crystal was one of the more gruesome murders to date.

The family would receive the harrowing call on August 5, 1999, that no one would ever want to receive, that their beloved family member, Crystal Lyn Bailey was murdered.

Christopher Lee MacDonald Convicted

Christopher Lee MacDonald was put on trial just a year after he stabbed his girlfriend, Crystal Lyn Bailey over 30 times while she was asleep in her bed in her home.

The family of Crystal Lyn Bailey hopes that the courtroom in Greensboro can help shed some light on why Christopher killed one of their beloved family members. But sadly, while they were in the courtroom in Greensboro they did not leave with as many answers as they would have hoped.

Christopher Lee MacDonald, the person who was charged with Crystal’s murder decided he did not want to answer any of the questions from Crystal’s family when they were asking them while they were in the courtroom.

MacDonald would tell a forensic psychiatrist that he could not remember the events that happened on the night where the crime took place. MacDonald would tell the police officers that there was a burglar and that was the person who killed his girlfriend, Crystal and not him.

None of Crystal’s family can understand why MacDonald would want to kill her as most of them would state she was one of the kindest and sweetest people you could ever meet in your life.

MacDonald would sit with his attorneys Robert McClellan and Ames Chamberlin and would not respond to anything that Crystal’s family would say.

However, the Guilford County District Attorney’s office was trying to seek the death penalty in the case against MacDonald but decided to go into a plea deal instead with the defendant.

MacDonald would enter what is known as an Alford plea, which would reduce his charge from first-degree murder to second-degree murder. With this plea, it would still be treated as a guilty plea whether he admits it in the courtroom.

W. Osmond Smith III, the Superior Court Judge would then give MacDonald a 26 to 32 prison sentence. MacDonald who was officially sentenced at 38-years old, will be released from prison when he is 64-years of age.

Crystal’s family was not happy with the plea deal that MacDonald had gotten. They believe he should have gone to trial and be charged with first-degree murder rather than this second-degree murder plea deal he had.

If the jury would have convicted MacDonald at trial, he would have either received a life sentence or would have been sentenced to death.