Revenge of a Scorned Ex: Charles Thompson Story

Love can hurt, but can it make you kill your ex and their new beau? Let’s check out why Charles Thompson murdered his ex-girlfriend and her new beau.
Darren Cain, Dennise Hayslip

Dennise Hayslip and Darren Cain would both be murdered in cold blood on April 30, 1998 at the hands of Charles Victor Thompson.

Here’s how it happened.


On April 30, 1998 in Houston, Thompson got into contention with a white male and white female in her condo.

The prior night officials had been called to a similar location and had accompanied Thompson away from the living arrangement.

Thompson returned promptly the following morning and kicked the entryway in.

Thompson shot the male, causing his demise, and harming the female seriously enough to require life trip to the emergency clinic.

She kicked the bucket a week later, because of the shooting.

About Charles Victor Thompson

Charles Thompson born to his parents on June 13, 1970 is a prisoner who was given the death penalty in April 1999 and by harps on Texas Death Row. Thompson was given the death penalty for the crime of his ex Dennise Hayslip, along with her darling, Darren Cain, on April 30, 1998. Thompson stood apart as newsworthy in 2005 by fleeing from Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas after a re-denouncing hearing where he was sentenced to death for an ensuing time using a fabricated ID distinguishing proof, pronouncing to be with the Attorney General’s office. He was gotten four days sometime later outside a liquor store in Shreveport, Louisiana where he was using a payphone while intoxicated. He had the alternative to get sustenance and clothing, he told experts, acting like a Hurricane Katrina evacuee.

Thompson is drawing in his death penalty conviction as he communicates that there was insufficient evidence to help his capital murder conviction considering the way that mediating restorative thought was the prompt purpose behind Dennise Hayslip’s end, not the certifiable shooting.

Thompson harps in solitary confinement on Death Row in Livingston, Texas at the Polunsky Unit. He creates on prisoner blog Between the Bars.

Thompson is featured in the fifth scene of the principle time of the Netflix game plan I Am A Killer.

Crime & Trial

Consistently Charles Victor Thompson thinks about his ex, Dennise Hayslip. From the bounds of Thompson’s small room in The Allan B. Polunsky Unit, nested in West Livingston, Texas. Thompson is on Death Row. What’s more, the explanation he considers Dennise to such an extent? Indeed, he was head over heels in affection with her.

He additionally shot her through the face.

It occurred on April 30th, 1998. Charles and Dennise hadn’t since quite a while ago separated. The two had delighted in a liquor fueled relationship that existed for the most part in one another’s rooms and in the jump bars of Houston. Thompson was eleven years her lesser and speedy to temper. Dennise before long found an increasingly reasonable accomplice in a nearby barman, 30-year-old Darren Cain. Keith was benevolent, patient and kind. Individuals adored him. He was, numerous local people say, the total direct opposite of her ex, Chuck Thompson.

It’s protected to state that Thompson didn’t take the news that Darren and Dennise had become a couple especially great. On the 29th of April, he rolled over to Dennise’s home at 2 am and provoked her new sweetheart. Thompson was a fierce man with a record of ambush, yet he was certainly not an extreme person. He went out in binds after the police were called. He had, apparently, been given an incredible beating by Darren Cain. Before Dennise. It was a finished and articulate mortification.

Twenty after four hours Thompson would leave the very same living arrangement after another squabble. But this subsequent episode wasn’t finished by a couple of right hands and a watch vehicle. It was finished by a hail of slugs. As Thompson left, Dennise Hayslip lay inclined, seeping from the pulverization brought about by a gunfire wound that cut through her cheek, where she would be shot into her jaw. Darren Cain additionally lay inclined. He’d been shot two times. Darren was dead.

During the next and destructive fight, Cain had gone after a blade. This, in addition to the way that the firearm was in the home and neither guys legitimately inhabited the living arrangement implied that Thompson was just accused of murder for slaughtering Cain. Dennise, be that as it may, had endured. She was alive. In any case, not for long.

Dennise’s wounds were not dangerous. However, she would kick the bucket days after the fact, during medical procedure. Or then again before medical procedure, to be precise. Her breathing cylinder had been erroneously fitted and keeping in mind that specialists prepared for the technique, her breathing cylinder became unstuck from her windpipe for anyplace somewhere in the range of five to about ten minutes. During which time she got mind dead because of absence of oxygen. Only four days after the fact, therapeutic staff killed her life bolster machine. Dennise family sued the emergency clinic for illegitimate demise.

On the off chance that she’d endure, the most extreme sentence Charles would have gotten for the bothered attack – combined with the murder accusation – would have been Life in prison. As she didn’t, Thompson confronted Capital Murder. What’s more, capital punishment.

The way that he saw it. He’d just harmed Dennise. It was the specialists that executed her…

An examination concerning her passing discovered that the clinic was not to blame for Dennise’s demise. The fault, the court chose, lay with Dennise’s shooter, Charles who had killed her. He was gone after for Capital Murder and saw as blameworthy. The Lone Star State also known as Texas had chosen to execute him.

Sound somewhat unforgiving? Indeed, Chuck Thompson, his father along with his supporters unquestionably think so. They keep on engaging the choice. He didn’t intend to shoot her, and the injury caused didn’t straightforwardly slaughter her. Medicinal ineptitude executed Dennise Hayslip, that is their view. Barely any others near the case share that supposition, however. Thompson entered the property with the expectation of brutality. He went after a firearm. He shot and executed Darren Cain. He shot a projectile through his ex’s face.

The proof showing the sort of man that Thompson is – or possibly was at the time – before long piles upon examination. There was a past filled with brutality in his association with Dennise, with her demonstrating companions’ wounds and cuts on different events. Thompson likewise had a drinking issue at the time and would regularly utilize cocaine.

Need to hear something genuinely chilling, however? Hurl Thompson fled the area of the wrongdoing that night and looked for shelter at a companion’s home, Ms. Diane Zernia’s. He later attempted to mastermind an assassin to murder her. He needed her gone so she couldn’t affirm against him. Fortunately for Diane Zernia, the man Charles was addressing about the hit was a covert cop… The barrier contended, effectively, that the chronicle of the discussion was gotten by illicit methods. So, the jury didn’t hear it. However, still reached the aggregate decision that Thompson was ‘a future peril to society’ and ought to be executed.

Escaped Killer Back Behind Bars

A Texas death row detainee who got away a week ago from a Houston prison and was arrested Sunday night outside an alcohol store nestled Shreveport, Louisiana, is back in the state of Texas, a court authority disclosed to CNN late Monday.

Charles Thompson was the person of interest in a 78-hour, across the nation manhunt after he got away Thursday by shedding his binds and exchanging his jail jumpsuit for road garments in a prison corner subsequent to telling appointees he was meeting with a legal counselor.

Thompson was back in a correctional facility in a similar Harris County Jail.

Prior in the day, Thompson showed up under the watchful eye of a Louisiana judge at the Shreveport prison by means of video feed and deferred his entitlement to insight and removal.

Specialists said Thompson worked out of the prison by demonstrating representatives a phony ID that showed he was with the lawyer general’s office.

He offered specialists no opposition when captured, said Marianne Matus, representative for the United States. Marshals Service.

Matus said U.S. marshals also got “a few solid tips” that Thompson was in the territory, and police discovered him around 8 p.m. on a compensation telephone outside an alcohol store in Shreveport, around 240 miles north of Houston.

“He gave off an impression of being inebriated,” Matus said. The officials approached the got away executioner and asked him what his name. He let them know, “You know who I am.”

Specialists said Thompson had a bike with him.

Officials decided he was too flushed to even consider being addressed promptly, Matus said.

Thompson was moved early evening out to the Caddo Parish Correctional Facility, in which Thompson was reserved as an out-of-state outlaw and taken to the men’s psychological well-being unit, said representative Cindy Chadwick.

He was put alone in a cell on a break and suicide watch, she said. Chadwick depicted Thompson as “easygoing” and consistent. “Up until now, he has been no issue.”

Be that as it may, Jebran Siddiqui, an agent at the alcohol store, said the capture was more emotional than Matus portrayed. Siddiqui said he was working with that shop’s drive-through window when he saw “some neurotic sort of fellow going around outside.” About a similar time, he saw another man escape a vehicle with a shotgun.

He said Thompson was making a beeline for his store and he dreaded a shootout was in progress – so he snatched a weapon and strolled to the entryway.

“I was shaking, such as shuddering and everything, except I wasn’t losing my hold,” Siddiqui said. “I think he was intending to come inside the store and, I don’t have the foggiest idea, hold us prisoner or something.”

The man with a shotgun ended up being a covert cop, and a few different officials swarmed in and “brought him down pretty mercilessly” inside three feet of the store, Siddiqui said.

Thompson was sentenced for capital homicide in April 1999 in the shooting passing’s of his previous sweetheart, Dennise Hayslip along with her companion, Darren Cain. He was condemned to death.

The state Court of Criminal Appeals tossed out capital punishment, deciding that Thompson’s entitlement to a lawyer had been damaged during his preliminary.

On October 28, a subsequent jury condemned Thompson to death.

“I’m happy to know nobody else was hurt,” Cain’s sibling, Devin Donaghey, told CNN. “I’m happy to realize that he’s back in guardianship.”

Donaghey considered Thompson a “useless bit of society.”

Donaghey likewise had unforgiving words for sheriff’s appointees in Harris County, which incorporates Houston. He said they “failed” by allowing Thompson to get away.

“It’s not the entire Sheriff’s Department’s shortcoming, however, there’s a whole other world to this than what’s turned out,” Donaghey said. “What happened here should’ve never been conceivable.”

Lt. John Martin, of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, concurred and said an examination has just been propelled.

“There’s no situation under which it’s even possible that somebody who’s waiting for capital punishment could essentially leave a prison,” he said. “It’s not the case that any power was utilized. He didn’t utilize a weapon. He basically persuaded us to give him a chance to exit the front entryway.”