The Mystery Surrounding Emily Garcia

Emily’s parents are not quite sure why they can’t find out what happened to their daughter. Click here to learn more about this mystery of a case.
Emily Jeanette Garcia

There as a body located on February 25, 1993. IT was just a mile and a half north of Highway 46 in Canyon Lake, Texas. The body was discovered by a road crew working near the highway and it would ultimately be called in to the New Braunfels Police along with Comal County Sheriff’s Office.

This body would not be identified right away and be listed as Jane Doe.

The body would finally be identified just a year later by using fingerprints. The body would soon be known as Emily Jeanette Garcia. Emily was reported missing to the local authorities on February 12, 1993. Emily was missing out of San Antonio, Texas. Emily was about three months pregnant at the time she went missing.

Emily’s Case is Still Unsolved

Emily’s immediate family would be told that her case was in the hands of the New Braunfels Police Department. They would be told that, that is the agency that is responsible for handling the investigation.

Emily’s family would also be told that their case would also be handled by the San Antonio FBI along with the Texas Rangers as well.

Emily’s mother has been in constant contact with all agencies involved in her daughters’ case. As of today, Emily’s mother has only heard from the Texas Rangers, her mother is still waiting to hear from the San Antonio FBI.

Emily’s case is still an active case as far as anyone is concerned. The proper law enforcement agencies are continuing to work on Emily’s case currently. However, Emily’s case does not have many if at all any leads for the past decade or so now. The detective that is working on the case states that they currently only really have two suspects in the death of Emily Garcia currently.

However, the detectives have not given out any information to Emily’s immediate family pertaining these suspects and if they are even suspects. All Emily’s immediate family really know is that there is little to no DNA and there is not much evidence that would help convict anyone in this 1993 murder case.

What Do We Know About the Case?

All we do know about the case pertaining to Emily Garcia is that her body was found in Canyon Lake. For the first year that her body was discovered, she was classified as a Jane Doe who was laid to rest in the Bracken Cemetery at the end of March of 1993 thanks to the Zoeller’s Funeral Home.  Garcia’s body would be exhumed and then buried in Somerset, Texas, by her immediate family.

Emily’s family would finally get an original copy of Emily’s death certificate on September 29, 2003. It was a decade after she passed away. This original death certificate did not even list Emily as a Jane Doe like it should have. It has her listed as N/A.

The death certificate also lists Emily Garcia as white, when Emily is of a Hispanic Origin. However, the death certificate does state that the individual was three months pregnant. Which would be the only thing that matches with our Emily. As Emily did state that she was about three months pregnant before she went missing.

The cause of death that is listed on the death certificate states strangulation. However, if you look back in newspaper articles, they reported that this person was sexually assaulted and that she was already deceased before the person would have tied her up.

Emily’s family still has little to no answers as to what happened to Emily, the baby along with any other information that surrounding her untimely demise.

However, there was an autopsy performed on Emily. It was done in Austin, Texas, and the family is still currently waiting for that report, as today, the family has not been able to get their hands on the autopsy report to find out further information about Emily.

Emily’s family also tried to get their hands on a death certificate that had her name on it when they went to exhume the body and have it properly buried as Emily Jeanette Garcia, but they could never locate that death certificate when they looked in the Texas Death Records. To this day they still do not understand why they could never locate any of this.

For this matter, Emily’s immediate family wants to know why they cannot find any records of Emily and her death at all.