The Warning That Wasn’t Heeded: Farah Fratta Murder Case

Farah’s friends tried to warn her about Robert Fratta, but she didn’t listen. Farah would pay the ultimate price. Here’s what happened.
Farah Baquer Fratta

Farah Baquer Fratta was 33-years old at the time of her death. Fratta was a mother to her three young children.

Farah Baquer Fratta would ultimately shoot twice in her head after she drove into her garage to park her car.

Farah’s neighborhood would spot the gunman leaving the scene of the crime. The gunman would jump into his car that was being operated by an accomplice.

During this time, Farah and her soon to be ex-husband, Robert Fratta was in the process of a nasty divorce. The couple was currently fighting in court over who was going to get custody of their three young children.

After the local authorities and detectives discovered the couple’s nasty divorce, this is when they started looking into reports that Robert Fratta had questioned many of acquaintances if they or someone they knew could kill his wife, Farah Baquer Fratta.

Then just a few days later, Farah would be murdered. Robert Fratta was still the beneficiary of Farah’s life insurance policies. Robert would try to collect nearly $200,000 on Farah’s life insurance policies.

The detectives took their time trying to piece together this bizarre puzzle. It took the detectives nearly six months after Farah was fatally shot and murdered for police to officially arrest Robert Fratta along with Fratta’s two accomplices that he hired to murder her as well.

Joseph Prystash was one of the middlemen who hired the killer of Farah, Howard Guidry. Eventually all three of these people would-be put-on trial and ultimately found guilty of the murder of Farah Baquer Fratta. All three defendants would be given the death sentence.

Farah’s and Robert’s three young children, Amber, Daniel, and Bradley would go to live with Farah’s parents, Betty and Lex Baquer after not only losing their mom, but their father as well.

About Farah Fratta

Farah Baquer Fratta was born to Lex and Betty Baquer on August 5, 1961. Farah was born in Guilford, Surrey, England in the St. Luke’s Hospital. Her parents would describe Farah as their little full of life baby.

Growing up Farah was a popular gal. She had many friends when she started kindergarten and was well socially adapted as well.

Farah would go on to attend Newman High School nestled in Croydon, South London. Farah would graduate from Newman High School in 1978.

After high school, she would go on to college. After Farah would finish college, she decided she wanted a career in Airline Ticketing. Farah would work along with a Travel Agency in Croydon for a year.

Farah was beloved by her employer and fellow co-workers. At the time, she would have a boyfriend who was newly engaged too.

Farah had many close friends, but two of her close friends were closer than the rest. One of her friends would end up being her brother’s girlfriend. All three of these friends have always remained loyal to one another.

Then in 1981, Farah’s parents would move to Houston, Texas. Even though, Farah was already engaged to a man in Croydon, she decided to follow her parents to the United States of America. Farah and her father, Lex had a very strong bond with one another.

Within a week of Farah moving with her parents to Houston, Texas, Farah could be found applying to a few airlines in the city. Just one week later, American Airlines would offer Farah a position as one of their ticketing agents.

Farah did not only have a charismatic personality, but she also had a very charming, yet dynamic personality as well. Farah would ultimately get along with all her co-workers and even supervisors in any job that she would hold.

With her job at the American Airlines and her being so well-loved, this is when she met Robert Fratta. Robert would end up charming Farah, who at the time was a simple English gal who ended up falling in love with Robert’s looks and charm.

Despite all the other girls at her job telling her to be careful when it came to Robert Fratta, Farah would soon break off her engagement to her fiancé back in England.

Robert ultimately would end up exploiting Farah along with taking advantage of her values and morals in life. The couple would then get married soon after. Then just three short years later, Robert and Farah would have three young children together.

Farah loved her husband deeply and was willing to do just about anything to keep her and her family together under one roof.

Farah always kept constant contact with her family and friends no matter where they lived. Every holiday and every birthday Farah would never forget to send a card and wish her family and friends a happy birthday or a happy holiday.

When Farah was murdered, there were so many relatives and friends who attended her funeral. To this day, Farah Baquer Fratta is still deeply missed and remembered by those whom life she impacted.

Fratta’s Case Aired on Television

Farah Baquer Fratta murder case was featured on American Justice on A&E. The episode of American Justice it was on was called “The Brit and the Bodybuilder.”

Bill Cox also wrote a book about Farah Baquer Fratta’s murder called “No Safe Place.”

Howard Guidry the guy who shot and killed Farah Baquer Fratta would get a new trial in 2005. Then again in 2007, Howard Guidry would again be given the death sentence in the case of murdering Farah Baquer Fratta.

Robert Fratta would be granted a new trial in October of 2007 by Melinda Harmon, a federal judge. Robert Fratta was still found guilty.