Executions and More Executions: Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena Murder

When you rape and murder teens, you should be executed, or so people thought. Learn more about how one guy just got life in prison.
Jennifer Ertman, Elizabeth Pena

On June 24, 1993, Elizabeth Pena and Jennifer Ertman from Houston, Texas were assaulted and killed.

The homicide of Ertman and Pena stood out as truly newsworthy all over Texas because of the grievous idea of the wrongdoing alongside the new law that was set up that enabled the groups of the exploited people to see the execution of the killers.

This case was additionally truly eminent because of the province of Texas dismissed numerous endeavors to end these executions of a couple of these culprits by the International Court of Justice.


As recently expressed, Jennifer Louise Ertman who was conceived on August 15, 1978, and Elizabeth Christine Pena who was conceived on June 21, 1977 were both assaulted and murdered on June 24, 1993. The two were understudies of Waltrip High School. At the hour of the wrongdoing they were both at a companion’s pool party in the Spring Hill Apartments.

The two companions both understood that they would be late returning home, that is the point at which they chose to leave the gathering suddenly to attempt to make it home by their 11 pm check-in time.

In any case, the two companions chose it was ideal to take a little 10-minute easy route through the Oak Forest by tracking with the railroad tracks until they passed the T.C. Entertainer Park.

The two young ladies were simply strolling along around the White Oak Bayou when they saw a couple “Highly contrasting” posse individuals. These group individuals were having a decent time holding a commencement and drinking lager.

These group individuals had the option to hijack Pena absent a lot of exertion. Be that as it may, Ertman was somewhat harder to seize than anticipated. Ertman initially had the option to get away, yet she would, at last, be hijacked too when she would run back to support her companion.

These six posse individuals would then assault the two young ladies again and again. After the group individuals considered it. They understood the pair could without much of a stretch recognize them.

Dwindle Anthony Cantu was the pioneer of the gathering. Cantu would be the person who requested the other group individuals to kill the young ladies. The other pack individuals would at last wind up choking the young ladies to death.

Raul Omar Villareal and Derrick Sean O’Brien would be the ones who choked and killed Ertman utilizing a red nylon belt earlier the belt breaking. When the belt broke, the posse individuals would then utilize shoelaces to complete the activity.

While Jose Medellin, Efrain Perez, and Cantu would be the ones who choked and killed Pena utilizing shoelaces. The pack individuals would even trample every one of the young ladies’ throats to guarantee the two of them would wind up dead.

Villarreal, Perez, Medellin, and Cantu then went off toe Cantu’s home. Cantu didn’t live alone. He lived with his sister-in-law, Christina Cantu and his sibling, Joe Cantu.

At the point when they entered the home, Christina inquired as to for what reason was Villarreal draining and for what reason did Perez have blood on his shirt. This at that point lead Medellin to disclose to Christina that the gathering had a ton of fun and that she will before long discover every one of the subtleties on that nightly news programming. Be that as it may, since he couldn’t keep down his energy, Medellin disclosed to Christina that he assaulted the two young ladies.

At the point when Peter Cantu came all the way back, he chose the time had come to disseminate the entirety of the assets that they took from the young ladies after their assaults and murders.

Medellin got a ring that had a letter ‘E’ on it, so he could bless it to his then sweetheart, Esther. Medellin likewise expressed that he killed a young lady, however, he ventured to state that it would have been a lot simpler employment if he had a weapon.

You likewise could discover a tape of O’Brien grinning while he was at the wrongdoing scene.

At the point when the posse left the Cantu living arrangement, Christina asked her better half Joe to consider the neighborhood police and report the wrongdoing.

Trial & Executions

During their sentence hearing, all wrongdoers were still remanded in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice framework.

Jose Ernesto Medellin, Peter Anthony Cantu, Efrain Perez, Derrick Sean O’Brien, alongside Raul Omar Villarreal all were given capital punishments.

Be that as it may, the more youthful sibling of Jose Ernesto Medellin, Venancio Medellin, 14 just got a 40-year jail sentence. Venancio Medellin was a similar age as Jennifer Ertman at the hour of the killing.

At the point when the United States Supreme Court banished that any executions of people who carried out violations younger than 18, that implied Villarreal and Perez sentences would change to life in jail.

While O’Brien, who was the main African American in the gathering, was the first to be executed. O’Brien was formally executed in July of 2006. O’Brien grave can be situated in Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery.

While then again Jose Ernesto Medellin attempted to request his execution. Medellin expressed that he attempted to let the city of Houston alongside the Harris County officials realize he was not an American, however, he was positively a Mexican resident and that he was not ready to connect with the Mexican consular authorities.

Notwithstanding, the investigators expressed that Medellin never at any point referenced it to specialists that he was not an American resident, however a Mexican resident. Medellin expressed that during a sworn articulation that he simply found out about the Mexican department that could help him during 1997.

In 1998, was the point at which he requested of with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals regarding this very issue. In any case, Medellin was officially dismissed.

With his approaching execution, Medellin’s case began to turn into a universal contention, in which the province of Texas chose not to have a finding out about whether Medellin can meet with the Mexican consular authorities really failed his safeguard.

In the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations express that a respondent has the option to converse with their department, yet the United States is likewise only a gathering along to the show. Even though the United States pulled back from mandatory locale in 1986, however, will at present acknowledge it completely reliant on a case-by-base circumstance.

At that point in 2004, after numerous years, the International Court of Justice formally reacted to the claim that was recorded by Mexico concerning the United States. The court formally requested that there will be hearings set up for these prisoners including Jose Medellin, as they were denied their consular rights.

President George W. Shrub at that point requested the entirety of the hearings to be held in 2005. The province of Texas was then under the portrayal of Ted Cruz, Solicitor General. Ted Cruz was the person who was challenging the president’s request alongside the United States Supreme Court.

In July, the World Court authoritatively requested a stay when it came down to the Medellin’s execution. Rick Perry, Texas Governor at that point contended that Texas was will undoubtedly tune in to the World Court decisions.

There were numerous capital punishment adversaries that fought this approaching execution. In any case, both injured individual’s family were emphatically supporting this execution too.

The father of Jennifer Ertman, Randy Ertman needed to have the City of Houston’s wrongdoing advocate, Andy Kahan to be available for the extremely renowned Medellin execution.

Nonetheless, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice didn’t permit Kahan to be available for the Medellin execution.

On August 5, 2008 at 9:57 pm Jose Ernesto Medellin was formally executed simply after his absolute a minute ago interests were declined by the United States Supreme Court.

Indeed, even the Texas Governor Perry declined all calls from Washington, DC, and Mexico to defer or stop the execution.

On August 17, 2010, Peter Anthony Cantu was authoritatively executed at 6:09 pm. Cantu was articulated dead at 6:17 pm.


Presently, there is just a single another individual who can be a liberated person soon. That individual is Jose Ernesto Medellin’s younger sibling Venancio Medellin.

Venancio was 14 at the hour of the wrongdoing. Since he was just 14, he got 40 years in jail. He will be up for parole in the following hardly any years.

Jennifer Ertman’s dad Randy and different exploited people family doesn’t need him to gain parole. It is dependent upon you to keep in touch with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice organization to let them know don’t give Venancio Medellin parole in his job in the assaults and murders of these two high school young ladies.

Venancio Medellin according to numerous individuals ought to be in the slammer and not be allowed to get out right on time for what he did to both Jennifer and Elizabeth each one of those years prior.