The Unfixable Steven Spader: A True Sick Person

You’ve heard of sick and twisted people, Steven Spader is one of them. Here the reason behind Spader not wanting a lesser sentence in his resentencing hearing.
Kimberly Cates

The Mont Vernon Murder was a part of a thrill killing that would gain national and even international attention due to the brutality of the crimes that were committed. These crimes would come with a lack of remorse from the murderer’s mastermind, Steven Spader.

Christopher Gribble and Steven Spader both 17 at the time, would end up murdering Kimberly Cates long with her daughter Jamie Cates during a home robbery on October 4, 2009, in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

Both Kimberly and Jamie would be assaulted with a machete. Spader would later admit that he hacked Kimberly to death. He would end up administering at least 36 blows to Kimberly’s torso and head.

Steven Spader was a former Boy Scout. Spader was also a high school dropout who was able to pass their GED test.

Spader would later in life form a club known as the Disciples of Destruction shortly before he murdered Kimberly Cates. This club would be where he would recruit his confederates.

Spader would later design a logo for his Disciples of Destruction club and would tell of his recruits that their initiation process for all club members would be doing a home invasion.

Ultimately, Gribble and Spader would both receive a life in prison sentence, while the other three assailants would also be serving some sort of prison time.

Because of the ruling in the United States Supreme Court case of Miller v. Alabama, the sentencing of minors could only be given life sentences. Which would mean that Gribble and Spader would be granted another hearing for their sentencings.

However, in April of 2013, Spader would talk to his attorneys and state that he did not want a lesser sentence has he been one of the most twisted and sick people you would ever meet. So, in short, Spader did not attend the resentencing hearing.

New Hampshire state stated that Spader lacked remorse and they considered that an unnecessary form of weakness and that he would end up committing more crimes if he was released from the correctional facility.

So Spader was giving life with an additional 76 years.

However, in May of 2013, the New Hampshire Supreme Court would permit Spader to drop the appeal on his conviction. Spader’s appellate attorney would tell the press that Spader did not want to appeal for moral and personal reasons.

Spader was then transferred to a New Jersey State prison a year later in February of 2014. This is where he would be injured during a fight within the prison.

However, in October 2014, Gribble was looking for a reduction in his sentence based on him being a minor when sentenced, but the court did not get to his case in a decent time.

Prosecutors Claim Spader ‘Chose’ to be Evil

When teens start to commit crimes, most people tend to look for simple explanations such as violent media, unhappy childhood, or mental illness.

However, this was not the case with Steven Spader. His parents or even the system was not at fault for the crime he committed. Steven Spader was brought up in a loving home. Steven Spader turned himself into a murderer who would ultimately kill an innocent woman and child while they were in bed with a machete.

This crime at hand was very unsettling for many residents who resided in New Hampshire. It prompted many parents, neighbors, and even teachers to ask themselves and others how young men that came from decent families who were involved in Boy Scouts and church to grow up and be commit such gruesome crimes.

Steven Spader’s parents tried to get help for Steven when they started noticing he was having trouble within his teen years, but their efforts did not pan out as much as they wanted it to.

If Gribble or Spader was not going around bragging about the murders to their close friends, it is possible that investigators may never have caught them as quickly as they did, and it could have been possible that they could have both struck again.

Spader Chooses Not to Contest Life Sentence

The state of New Hampshire portrayed Steven Spader as the one and only psychopathic ringleader in the Mount Vernon home invasion murders that happened back in 2009. The state would say that Spader lacked any form of remorse and it was likely that he would commit many more crimes if he was freed from prison.

However, Spader would not be present for his resentencing hearing and Spader would also waive his right to appeal for a lesser sentence.

Spader accepts all responsibility for his actions and for the first time since he’s been originally sentenced Spader apologizes to the family of the victims in a statement that he has his attorneys read in the courtroom.

In 2010, a jury would convict Spader, 21 at the time for first-degree murder and all related charges for the death of Jaimie and Kimberly during the morning hours of October 4, 2009.

He would then later brag to his friends how he broke up a family and he vowed that this was just the beginning to his murderous spree.

Spader is currently sitting behind bars and serving out his life sentence plus an additional 76 years for the attempted murder of Jaimie and the murder of her mother Kimberly.