When a Night Out Turns Deadly: Kristie Martin Story

A seemingly good Christmas evening can turn into a blood bath. Hear how Kristie Martin never made it to Christmas of 1995 and the events leading up to it. This is the tale of Kristie Martin. Kristie was an energetic, out-going undergrad who had huge potential. She had exceeded expectations from multiple points of view in her young life. She was on the way to a fruitful vocation and was cherished by everybody she interacted with. On an awful night last December, Kristie was shot during a drive-by shooting.

Wednesday, December 20, 1995

The fresh, clean air was nippy, and Kristie was amped up for completing courses at San Jacinto College. Kristie was going to the North grounds on Uvalde and would complete her third semester of classes. She made decent evaluations, as well. There was a positive feeling that every one of the tests were finished. She could at last loosen up a piece and appreciate the coming occasions.

Kristie was employed at Higgins Photography, however her previous manager, Ticket Attractions, asked and approached her to labor for a couple of hours, at last, if she had the time. More Christmas cash fund! Kristie couldn’t can’t. The cash could be utilized for a ton of things. She was an expert and great at her specific employment thus Kristie could step in and help her previous manager with no issue. Her mother, Judy, advised her that she likewise needed to work that night from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. at current employer, Higgins and Kristie shouldn’t over-burden herself. “Don’t worry about it, Mom. School’s out and I can deal with it,” she said as she rushed out the entryway to work.

Kristie also was employed at Ticket Attractions that same day between 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. She checked out and afterward made a beeline for Higgins Photography where Kristie would be scheduled until 9:00 that night. At the point when she returned home, she commenced her shoes and loose for some time viewing the TV. At some point before the national song of devotion, she nodded off.

Thursday, December 21, 1995

At the beginning of today would be extraordinary. Kristie’s Paw, Earl Branch, gathered jars and papers. The cash he picked up from selling them he generally provided for the grandkid who helped him. She woke up that morning to proceed to assist her with pawing Paw.

Nobody knows for certain on the off chance that it was a result of the splendid yellow truck he used or on account of the limitless love she had for him, yet it was time all around spent while selling his products. Paw took the cash and offered it to Kristie. With appreciation, Kristie took the cash and returned to San Jacinto College and paid for her following semester’s educational cost.

After she came back from the school, she spruced up and got down to business for Higgins once more. This would be a brief day since loved ones would come over at night. The workday at Higgins Photography would be her last official day there. Kristie was scheduled between the hours of 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

In the wake of her departure, she drove home and gave her mother a helping hand to prepare for the visitors coming over that night. Kristie delighted in the gathering and treats with loved ones. Wendy Wright, one of her companions, and Kristie burned through the greater part of the night upstairs tuning in to music and chatting on the telephone to young men. It was a slick day.

Friday, December 22, 1995

Finally, the week’s end was here. Only a few additional hours till Christmas! Kristie and her mom, Judy, rose early on the grounds that they had a lot of exercises that day.

They went out at about 8:30 a.m. likewise, went legitimately to Higgins Photography. The earlier week, Stephanie and Kristie had their photographs taken with Santa. The two passed by to make appropriate colleagues with singular authorities, got their photographs, and ate treats and wassail.

Right when they left Higgins, Kristie drove since mother expected to wrap up her wassail. The mother and girl pair headed to Baybrook Mall in Houston. The team would separate when they first showed up. Kristie went to Macy’s and acquired a few pants and two shirts.

A while later, the two would rejoin and shopped together for a moment back gifts. Kristie helped mother to pick a flawless sweater for her grandma. It was about 2:00 p.m. additionally, they were both hungry, so Kristie’s mother treated Kristie to an Olive Garden lunch close Baybrook.

Ensuing to eating, they headed back to their house. Kristie would then leave in a hurry to go to her nail appointment at the well-known K J Hair Design. Kristie came all the way back by 5:30 and started getting dressed. Mother was on the PC endeavoring to print a calendar. Not understanding what she was supposed to do, her mother would ask Kristie request while she was getting dressed to go out. She put on her new articles of clothing and asked her mother” Do I look flawless?” to which mother would answer a resounding “Yes!”

Kristie’s Christmas present was a new out of the case new cowhide coat. She understood she was getting one since it was what she required for Christmas. It was cold outside, and Kristie began to ask her mother to allow her to wear it on her date that evening. “It’s for Christmas. Additionally, you have various coats, including your letter coat that you could wear” said mother.

Kristie was excited about wearing that coat. After a short time, she appeared with the coat on and her mom gave up. Judy was abandoned Kristie, so she mentioned that her mom moves her vehicle. Mother got the keys, and both started down the stairs.

Kristie ended when she heard the music on the radio. It was one of her favored Christmas tunes, “O Holy Night.” She began singing it for her mom. Right when she was done, her mom uncovered to her how wonderful it was and that she ought to use her voice for the Lord. The Martins had started from an extraordinarily severe establishment and Kristie was a better than average Christian herself.

Kristie had chosen to go out with her buddy Wendy, Wendy’s partner Joe, and Joe’s kin, Sal. They met at Wendy’s and left about 8:00 p.m. to go to the Trail Dust Steak House in Houston. It was a detect that Kristie thought about since she had been there already. The couples savored the experience of a bewildering extravagant dinner and a while later left to retreat on their piece of town. They would go to the River Terrace Park Channelview. It was an isolated park with no lighting. They landed at about 11:30 p.m. After they left, Kristie and Sal got away from the vehicle and went for a walk in the entertainment focus. Wendy and Joe remained in the vehicle.

After around 45 minutes had passed, Kristie and Sal progressed back to the vehicle. A pickup truck drove up prudently with the headlights off. Neither one of the couples thought about the closeness of the truck until a youth named Jose yelled out something to Kristie. “Hi, come here!” he yelled.

It was disordered and no one clearly grasped data uncovered. Kristie told Sal “I figure we would be shrewd to leave.” They blended to get by and by into the vehicle and as Sal endeavored to help her, Kristie said rigidly “I have it, I have it.”

Sal rushed around to his side of the vehicle and made sense of how to hit the ground also as shots rang out through the infection air. A couple of rounds were ended, and glass was flying everywhere. Right when the shooting had ended, Kristie had been shot by a shot that crushed the spirit window and encountered the seat and struck her in the back.

She dropped out of the vehicle seat onto the black-top in the parking structure. The truck rushed away. They set Kristie once again into the vehicle so they could flood her to the crisis facility, yet Sal couldn’t get the vehicle to start (potentially the engine had been hit by the gunfire).

The two youths escaped from the vehicle and they laid Kristie out on the dark top and secured her with her new cowhide coat. Wendy remained with Kristie, instructing her to proceed with loosening up. Sal and Joe ran up the inclination in the beguilement center onto Market Street and waved to a truck. The driver happened to have a remote and he called 911. They ran down the slant to Kristie. Sal took her and held her in his arms. Her breathing was worked, yet she was negligent. They were alarmed with fear. Sal held yelling to her “don’t pass on, Kristie, don’t fail horrendously.” She took her last wheeze and kicked the container. Sal immediately endeavored to restore her; be that as it may, she was no more.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department was the first on the scene. The crisis vehicle appeared in a split second a brief timeframe later. It was past the final turning point. Kristie Martin was dead at the youthful age of 19.

Wendy had been hit in the thigh by shrapnel and was taken to Hermann Hospital in another crisis vehicle. The police began to investigate the youngsters. They were brought down to Harris County headquarters and showed up over a hundred photos of group people. As showed by information got from the Sheriff’s Department and the spectator accounts, they had the choice to perceive Jose Luis Rios, or “Flaco” as he was called. (“Flaco” in Spanish means “dainty”.)

Brian, Kristie’s dad, had gone pursuing in Magnolia, Texas and Kristie’s sister, Stephanie, experienced the night with her aunt. She had gone to get ready Christmas treats – a welcome Kristie went down to go out with her friends.

Mother, Judy, sat at home alone and balanced Christmas cards for an impressive period. Tired with the task, she set down and woke up at 12:15 a.m. furthermore, comprehended that Kristie had not returned the whole distance. (Think of it as mother’s sense if you need, anyway she woke up at around a comparative time Kristie was killed.) Judy decided to keep wakeful and keep things under control for her. She took out a book and began to scrutinize.

Kristie’s check-in time was at 1:00 and she was seldom late. Exactly when she didn’t show up, mother got focused. Not long after 1:00 a.m. Judy called Wendy’s home anyway just got the answering mail. She understood something wasn’t right.

She then made a call to the Houston Police Department and they had no new information. The police proposed she consider the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. Still unmindful of Kristie’s whereabouts, she was getting unhinged. The phone rang.

“I got the memo that you were scanning for Kristie,” said Wendy’s father. Wendy’s father had called home and gotten the message off the answering mail. “There was a drive-by shooting. I’m at the therapeutic facility with Wendy. She will be OK,” he said. “Shouldn’t something be said about Kristie?” Kristie’s mom asked. “As far as anyone knows, she’s still there,” he responded. Apparently, he might not want to be the one to uncover to her what had happened.

Judy began to madly page Kristie. After Kristie did not respond, she understood something erroneously had happened. Wendy then tried to page her significant other, Brian, with the desire that he would surge home from his excursion. She considered the Harris County Sheriff’s Department to find what had happened.

From that point on, they would discover Kristie dead on the floor. Be that as it may, Wendy made a full recuperation and left the city not long after.