Manager Slain at Wendy’s: Kristy Grega Murder

Kristy Grega was slain at her Wendy’s. Learn why and how the police arrested one of her co-workers for her death.
Kristy Grega

Kristy Grega was a vivacious, highly intelligent, beautiful young lady. Kristy Grega was the only daughter to her parents. She was the oldest child as well. Kristy has two younger brothers, Thomas, 16 and Christopher, 7.

Kristy was also a niece, cousin, and friend to many individuals in her community.

But her life would be cut short, too short. She would be murdered on August 27, 2000, just the evening before she would first start college.

More About Kristy

Kristy Grega was a vivacious, highly intelligent, beautiful young lady. Kristy Grega was the only daughter to her parents. She was the oldest child as well. Kristy has two younger brothers, Thomas, 16 and Christopher, 7.

Kristy was also a niece, cousin, and friend to many individuals in her community. Kristy had many uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, and friends throughout the community that cared deeply about her.

When Kristy graduated high school in June of 2000, she graduated third in her class. Many of Kristy’s teachers would say she was a voracious reader.

Kristy would ultimately be offered and accepted a full academic scholarship to a university. When Kristy was in high school, she was the main editor for her school yearbook, she was also a part of the National Honor Society, along with being the co-editor for her high school newspaper, a part of SADD, and a valued member in the Quill & Scroll Society.

Kristy’s first day of college would have started on August 28, 2000. Kristy was so excited to start the next chapter of her life. Kristy had all her new clothes in which she purchased for college hanging on her closet door. Kristy had her mountain of college books and notebooks all over her dining room table as she went off to work the afternoon of August 27, 2000.

The Day of the Murder

Kristy worked at a local Wendy’s restaurant. Kristy was employed at this Wendy’s restaurant for the past 2 years. Kristy’s employment title was assistant manager.

Kristy had an early morning shift at the Wendy’s restaurant. As Kristy was leaving her home, which she shared with her parents and brother, only her younger brother Thomas as up because he also had to go off to work that morning as well.

The two siblings said goodbye to one another and headed off their separate ways. Kristy was originally supposed to work that evening at Wendy’s, but something came up and they changed her shift, so now she was opening the Wendy’s restaurant. This would then allow Kristy to take her brother Christopher to the Nickelodeon show that was playing later that evening.

When the very first employee was scheduled to come into work at Wendy’s prior to opening, he could not get in.

The first employee that was scheduled to come into work at Wendy’s would have been scheduled just a few hours after Kristy was scheduled to be there. This employee kept pounding on the door, but Kristy never came to unlock the door or let the employee in.

The employee would then look over at her car to see if she was there. She was not. The employee then looked through the drive-thru window to see if he can see her in the building. When he looked through the drive-thru window all he could see was her work shirt and purse on the counter, but he could not locate her, and she still did not answer.

When she still did not answer, the employee went to the local grocery store nearby and called the police. When the local police arrived, they broke in through the drive-thru window because when they tried to bang on the door, Kristy still did not answer.

When the local police finally were able to get inside the Wendy’s Restaurant, they found Kristy stabbed and beaten with a hammer. It appeared that Kristy was stabbed around 75 times. Her hair, blood, along with her skull was everywhere on the floor. It did appear that Kristy had fought for her life with the amount of stab marks examiners found on her arms and hands.

Kristy would ultimately be laid to rest in her prom gown. Kristy’s prom gown was a lovely shade of pink with sparkles on the bottom.

Just 8 days after Kristy’s death, the local police would apprehend Kristy’s murderer, who was a co-worker.

After the local police examined the cards that were from Kristy’s funeral, they found out that this co-worker and murderer had sent flowers to Kristy’s funeral. No one knew which of the flower arrangements he sent, but all they knew was they were lying on top of the ground in which Kristy was laid to rest.

Even though this co-worker still to this day claims his innocence, however, the evidence against him is astronomical. To this day, no one knows why he murdered Kristy.

Co-Worker Arrested

The person who brutally murdered Kristy Grega likely worked with her.

Andrew Vikara III was most likely let into the Wendy’s restaurant by Kristy the morning of August 27, 2000. This is when Vikara would beat Kristy to death using a hammer and stabbing her over 75 times until she ultimately died.

Andrew Vikara III, 36 would be arrested just 8 days after the murder of Kristy at his home that is situated on South Webster Avenue, which is on Scranton’s South Side.

Vikara would not resist arrest and would be held without bail on one count of criminal homicide. All other charges would be filed as the investigators continue their investigation. However, there was no indication that Kristy was sexually assaulted by Vikara.

Andrew Jarbola, the Lackawanna County District Attorney stating that the death of Kristy must be one of the most gruesome deaths he has ever witnessed or has been a part of. Jarbola would continue to say that the way Kristy died was one terrible way to go out with the amount of hits to her face and head region.

The arrest affidavit would detail a horrendous struggle that took place not only in the office at the Wendy’s restaurant, but in the kitchen area as well. The blood could be located on the floors and walls of the office and kitchen area. The hammer was located right beside Kristy’s body, but the instrument that Vikara used to scratch and stab her to death was never located.

However, the restaurant was missing over $2,000 in cash along with a gray money bag from the safe that Vikara more than likely made Kristy open prior to murdering her.

Vikara stayed silent as the local police escorted him from the police barracks located at Dunmore to his arraignment in front of Thomas Golden, District Justice.

However, as Vikara was being led to the cop car after getting arrested, he would tell the reporters that he was not involved with Kristy Grega’s murder.

When reporters called the Vikara household later after Vikara was already arrested and brought down to the local institution, the woman who answered stated that the Vikara family believes he is innocent and not guilty of the death of Kristy Grega.

The woman would go on to state that he would never hurt anyone. When a reporter asked her to identify herself, she declined.

However, Jarbola did state that the investigators still could not come up with a motive as to why Vikara wanted to murder Kristy Grega. However, he did state they have a few theories as to why, but he was certain that he didn’t need to come up with a motive to seal their case.

It was also not determined if the prosecutors would go after the death penalty in this case or not. Jarbola stated that this decision would ultimately be made after they talk to the Grega family and the preliminary hearing as well.

However, Grega was a model employee who worked her way up to being assistant manager of that Wendy’s restaurant and she was to start school that very next morning at Marywood University where she got a full scholarship.

Since Grega was the assistant manager at the Wendy’s restaurant, she was also responsible for supervising Vikara, who worked at this Wendy’s restaurant location for the last two years according to the general manager, David Boughman.

Boughman would tell the investigators that he did not know of any issues between Grega and Vikara. He would further tell the investigators that there was no forced entry into the Wendy’s restaurant. As Grega was due at the Wendy’s Restaurant at 6:30 am that morning to start opening.

Boughman further stated that it was payroll that weekend, so if Vikara would have knocked on the door and asked Kristy for his check, she would have said yes and let him in.

The arrest affidavit also documented that the thumbprint belonging to Vikara was located on the unopened box of doughnuts that were located within the Wendy’s restaurant.

Also, Vikara’s EE shoes size 12 were the shoes he was wearing during the murder were covered with hair and blood in the Nay Aug Park.

Investigators also found Grega’s paycheck ripped in half as well, which they would use as further evidence.

Jarbola would state that Vikara was a suspect in this death early on. When the investigators would search the Nay Aug Park, they would find his bloody gloves, mesh towels, and shoes. Investigators would also finally get a search warrant to search the home that Vikara stayed in along with a warrant to collect hair and blood samples from him as well.

The investigators would take the mesh towels from Vikara’s home, these towels were like the ones that they used at the Wendy’s restaurant along with the two pairs of 12 W shoes as well.

The police would be contacted shortly after Vikara’s arrest to tell them they have arrested the suspect in the case against their daughter.

At that time, Thomas Grega did not want to comment about the arrest of Vikara. However, Vikara did give a statement, but no one knows what it truly said as Jarbola would never really say.

None of the neighbors around Vikara’s home wanted to comment on the arrest, but one neighbor who wished to not be identified stated that she and Vikara were talking just the other day about this crime. She told him that the person who murdered Kristy Grega should be hung up by their feet to die. She would go on to say that he had no emotion when she said that, but he did get up quickly and say that he had to go.