Unknown Motive: Michael Thomason Murder

The Thomason does not know why their family member was killed, but investigators believe they have an idea. Learn more about Michael Thomason murder here.Michael Thomason would be brutally murdered on September 16, 1992 by Carlos Medrona.

About Michael Thomason

Juanita and Bob Thomason firstborn child and only son would be Michael Thomason. Michael could be characterized as a sweet, loving, and caring brother, son, and friend.

Michael did not care for even believe in violence. Michael would go out of his way to help those around him. No matter who it was or what needed to be done, anyone and everyone could count on Michael.

Michael could be commonly found helping his elderly neighbors with anything from things around the homes and to helping financially. One of his elderly neighbors suffered from heart problems and there were many times that Michael would pay some of the neighbors bills to help alleviate the stress.

Crime & Conviction

During the time that Michael was brutally murdered, Michael was employed with the Kansas City. Michael worked as a correctional officer.

However, Michael was not just wanting to be a correctional officer, Michael was also enrolled in classes to prepare him to begin his next position as a counselor at the correctional facility. Michael always wanted to help the inmates he worked with daily. Michael’s goal was to change the lives of the inmates.

Michael was not only just liked by his fellow correctional officers, but Michael was also loved by the inmates in the correctional facility as well.

Carlos Medrona would end up brutally murdering Michael Thomason on September 16, 1992. Not only did Carlos take Michael’s life, but Michael’s sister would also soon state that he took years off their parents Juanita and Bob Thomason’s life as well.

To this day it is certainly unknown what Carlos Medrona’s motive was when murdering Michael. However, investigators believe it had to do with Michael’s 1969 Cadillac he had.

Anyone that knew Michael could tell you Michael loved collector cars. However, it is to be believed that Carlos Medrona was out that night for Michaels car. But no one can really be certain.

All that we do know is that Michael was stabbed at least 61 times all throughout his body along with being beaten with what appeared to be a 2’ x 4’.

Michael’s sister was worried about her own safety along with her two young children’s safety when she had to go out on her own, especially when walking through the parking lot or if a car would pass them, etc.

A few days after Michael’s murder, Carlos Medrona would be arrested in the state of Colorado. Carlos Medrona would only be arrested after he managed to do a hit and run accident while driving around Michael’s 1969 Cadillac.

Carlos Medrona would ultimately be convicted of second-degree murder in the case of Michael Thomason. This charge will consist of a sentence of either 7 years to life in prison.

Since Carlos Medrona has been in prison, he has been transferred between many medium-security facilities until he landed himself into a maximum-security facility. It is to be believed that Carlos Medrona has NO remorse for what he did to Michael and what pain he caused his family.