The Man Who Got Away with Harassment: Britt Ripkowski

The last year of Monica’s life, she and her daughter were harassed. Here the harrowing tale here of how they both ended up dead states away.
Britt Allen Ripkowski

Monica Meza Frome would be found dead near the side of the United States Highway 666 in Monticello, her 2.5-year-old daughters beloved teddy bear would be near Monica’s dead body.

Monica Meza Frome was a 29-year-old. Monica worked as a daycare worker in Salt Lake City. Monica was ultimately strangled and beaten. Detectives would find Monica’s bloody coat a short bit away from her dead body.

But what really stumped detectives was that there was no sign of Monica’s daughter, Dominique. Only Dominique’s white teddy bear that Dominique’s parents bought for her at a R.C Willey’s furniture store.

Crime & Suspect

It was not until December 22, when Monica Frome’s dead body would be located by investigators, but at the time the investigators could not identify her.

Now, that the police are in on the investigation on whether Monica was murdered inside her Salt Lake City apartment before she was dumped out near Monticello.

Nathan Frome, Monica’s husband stated that him and Monica had officially separated just a week prior to her being murdered. When he went over to Monica’s to pick up their daughter Dominique for Christmas, he could not locate neither Monica nor their daughter.

Family members grew more and more concerned when Monica did not pick up her other two children with her prior husband, Shawn Allen.

Nathan Frome stated that everyone was worried about the safety of Monica and Dominique. Nathan would go on to state that all of Monica’s kids were everything to her. They were Monica’s entire life. That is when they knew something was truly wrong with Monica.

Monica’s family would ultimately file a missing person’s report. While they waited after filing a missing person’s report, the San Juan County Sheriff’s detectives would release a sketch of the woman they found near Monticello.

It would not be until January 14, when the police would make the connection between the sketch and Monica’s missing person report.

Ultimately, the authorities main suspect in the murder of Monica was Ripkowski, 26 computer technician who was known for stalking women, even though he was still on probation.

Ripkowski would ultimately be convicted of stalking his ex-girlfriend Dennise Arroyo after he was lurking outside of her home in Salt Lake City in June of 1996. Ripkowski would go as far as to leave threatening messages on Arroyo’s car as well.

Lee Dever, the Third District Judge would sentence Ripkowski to get counseling and be responsible to pay a $150 fine. However, even after this Ripkowski would still stalk Arroyo right before he would begin harassing Monica Frome.

Suddenly sinister object started to appear right outside Monica’s doorstep. Monica’s car was vandalized as well. Monica would even find a Halloween mask that had a threatening note attached to it as well.

This stalker would leave notes that would profess his desire to shoot her or throw her from a moving vehicle. Ripkowski would always deny and any all harassing allegations stating that Monica was a liar. The Murray police told Ripkowski told him to leave Monica alone.

On February 5, there was a protection order obtain and the Murray City prosecutors would charge Ripkowski with stalking. Then in May, Ripkowski would move to Baytown, Texas.

Then Ripkowski and Frome would reconcile and she would move on down to the Houston area as well. And just like that, the Murray city stalking case against Ripkowski would be dismissed.

However, the other four cases against Ripkowski which consisted of three stalking cases including the Arroyo case and the other charges against him for violating Monica’s order of protection still stood.

On April 22, Ripkowski would be arrested due to him failing to appear in court and violating his probation rules. Ripkowski would blame it on Arroyo stating that she had someone call the court to change his court dates, so that he would indeed not be present for them.

Then in the state of Texas, Ripkowski would start his court-ordered domestic abuse counseling through the Pivot Project, a Houston-based program.

Karena Valkyrie, his counselor would state that he would use blaming language and did not really show any ability for him to identify that it was his OWN abusive behavior that got him to this point. Valkyrie would go on to say that Ripkowski sees himself as a victim rather than the abuser.

But, in the state of Utah, Joseph Fratto, the Third District Judge would finally sign off on the warrant for the arrest of Ripkowski when he did not show up in court on October 21. Utah officials would fail to serve Ripkowski with that warrant.

In September of that year Monica Frome decided to rent an apartment in the Salt Lake City area.

But then back on October 3, Ripkowski who was also back in town would turn to anger during an argument he had with Frome. Ripkowski would slam Monica along with one of her daughters into the wall and then threw a rock right through Monica’s windshield on her Toyota van.

According to Monica’s protection-order affidavit, during this altercation, Monica was injured, but was taken to the emergency room for treatment.

Then on November 10, there would be a court date for Monica to renew her protection order, but Monica never showed up to the courthouse. This meant that her case was dismissed.

Where Was Dominique “Nikki” Frome?

When Monica’s family couldn’t think it could get any worse after finding Monica, 29 a Salt Lake City resident murdered, they would soon find her daughter Dominique Frome in a shallow grave just outside the city of Houston.

Over the last year of Monica’s life, Brit Allen Ripkowski, who was an estranged boyfriend of Monica’s would be stalking her and her child. Ripkowski would be the one to lead the local authorities to where he laid Monica’s beloved daughter Dominique Frome to rest.

As of this development, it is certain that Ripkowski would face capital murder charges in the state of Texas for the death of Dominique Frome.

The local police believed that Ripkowski was the one who murdered Monica in her apartment in Salt Lake City back on December 21.

Monica’s neighbors heard that there was an argument coming from Monica’s apartment during the evening on December 21, but Monica’s dead body would not be found until a week after she was murdered.

Investigators started to believe that the person who beat Monica to death in her Salt Lake City apartment also loaded her dead body up along with her daughter Dominique in Monica’s Toyota van and went off to Texas.

Monica’s dead body would then be discarded in the southeastern portion of Utah. Monica’s body was spotted by a motorist that was driving on the U.S. Highway 666 on December 22.

The local police suspected it was Ripkowski doing as he would suffocate Dominique, Monica’s daughter in his Houston apartment just after he arrived in the state of Texas.

After the police arrested in Ripkowski, Ripkowski would implicate himself with his many interviews with the Salt Lake City police and other authorities to locate the child that was buried in a shallow grave in the Northeast section of Houston.

The local authorities would find Dominique’s dead body stuffed inside a suitcase and it was buried in a shallow grave in the Sheldon Reservoir. At the time of Monica’s death, her and Dominique’s father, Nathan Frome who also numerous altercations with Ripkowski over the last year.

Nathan Frome would be interviewed by the media outlets about his battery charge stating that Ripkowski would say how he was a better father than Nathan and how he (Nathan) could not see his daughter. This caused Nathan to beat Ripkowski. However, the charges were dropped against Nathan.

But when Nathan did not know what had happened to his daughter, he would go on to say how Dominique would light up any room that she walked into. He would state how she was a cheerful little baby that loved to smile and had beautiful big brown eyes.

But, with Ripkowski’s harassment continuing between Monica and him, Nathan along with Monica would move out to the state of California for a few months to try and get away from Ripkowski’s constant harassment.

The local authorities in Salt Lake City, Murray City, and West Valley City would all end up prosecuting Ripkowski for continuing to stalk Frome and one of his female co-workers who would utterly deny having any sexual relationship with Ripkowski.

However, with the amount of times that Ripkowski would violate his probation, dropped out of his court-ordered counseling, and missed his court dates, he did not serve much jail time.

Then last year in March, according to Shawn Allen and Nathan Frome, Ripkowski followed the couple to the state of California. They said that they spotted his car and that Ripkowski had a car seat in his vehicle as if he was there to take his kids.

Ripkowski would tell Monica that it was time for her to give up her children and that he never liked the kids. But then in May, Ripkowski would move to the state of Texas, where he was to complete his court-ordered domestic violence counseling, but ultimately, he would drop out of the program on August 19 when Monica would move to the state of Texas to be with him.

Suspect Charged

Ripkowski, a southwest Houston man was officially charged with capital murder in the case of Dominique Frome who was found buried in a shallow grave in Houston, Texas.

Ripkowski was also charged for the death of Dominique’s mother, Monica who was also found dead in the state of Utah just a month prior as well.

Ripkowski was arrested in his apartment and formally charged with kidnapping Dominique Frome. After he was brought down to the station, Ripkowski would confess that he killed both Dominique and Monica. The police would find Monica’s body on December 22 in Utah.

Ripkowski would then go on to say that he brought back Dominique to Houston, Texas on December 24 where he would strangle her and then stuff her lifeless body into a suitcase only to bury her in a shallow grave within the city.

Dominique’s body would only be found thanks to Ripkowski telling the investigators where he had laid Dominique to rest.