Who Killed Murray Griffin and Phyllis Mullet?

People in Belle Center, Ohio will not rest until they find out who murdered two of their residents. Click here to find out what information we know now about this mysterious case.
Village Marshal Murray Wilson Griffin

Murray Griffin was 64 years old. Griffin was the police chief in the city of Belle Center, Ohio.

About Murray

Murray was in the police force for 25 years. Murray only took home just $25 every week for his position as the police chief. Murray kept the job because someone needed to do it and Murray’s house payment was only $90 every month, so in a way, it paid for his home.

However, Murray would plow snow, pick up trash, and patch up the residential streets as his main job.

The Night of the Crime

The general population of Belle Center Ohio during this time was a total of 900 people. Then around 11:20 one evening Murray’s phone would ring and there was a man on the other side of the line who said he was also on the line with Phyllis Mullet and Mullet started to scream for someone to help her. Then, the man said that he called the police station number and that was when they were given Murray’s telephone number.

The man also tried to call the sheriff’s office as well. However, when Murray got off the telephone, he would go straight into the police station with his boots and gun belt on. Murray would tell his wife that he would be right back home as he had to check out a problem in the Mullets residence.

Murray and his wife did not think twice about this. This has happened many times before. Murray hurried and left the house. Right after Murray left, the phone would ring one more time and it would be the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office would tell Murray’s wife that there was a problem happening at the Mullet’s house and to have Murray wait until they have back up. His wife would tell the sheriff’s office that Murray has already left to go to the Mullets residence.

The Mullets only lived about three blocks away from Murray’s home, so realistically it only took Murray a few minutes before he got to the residence. It would take the Sheriff’s office nearly 10 minutes before they would be at the Mullet’s house. The Mullets house was extremely dark. A few minutes after the Sheriff’s office got to the Mullet’s house, they would enter the home for the first time.

Murray’s wife and children were listening to what was going on in the house on the police radio that they had in the kitchen. They would hear someone saying that officer is down inside the Mullet house and they were calling for backup, search dogs, and BCI to be called in.

Shortly after Murray’s wife and children heard this commotion on the police radio, a sheriff would come knocking on their door alongside the lead detective to tell the family that Phyllis and Murray were both dead.

The authorities would state that Phyllis was raped, beaten and repeatedly stabbed and had her throat slashed in their downstairs kitchen, while Murray was shot in the stomach, shoulder, knee, and alongside the middle of his back by his own gun.

The authorities would tell the family that Murray was found near the top of the steps. They would state that Murray’s blood was not found downstairs and Phyllis blood was not found upstairs.

Phyllis ex-husband who was in his lake apartment would be called and asked to come down to the station to be questioned.

Unfortunately, the search along with the investigations would end at the point of questioning Phyllis’s ex-husband. Her ex-husband had an alibi that he was in his apartment home in bed alongside his children who were sleeping just in the other room.

Then, of course, the rumors started circulating between the town of 900 individuals who loved and knew Murray extremely well. The family would listen to all the rumors and would report what they heard back to the police officers. However, the police knew nothing of what is going on.

Then just a little while later, they would get a call from a man who lived in Bell center, his father was Terry Lowe. The caller would stat that Terry had a handwritten suicide note and feared that his son would take his own life.

The sheriff’s office went to check out this lead and they would locate photos of Phyllis along with her children. They would also locate a long list of women around Belle Center that Terry was in contact with as well. Then they would go on to read the suicide note and figure out that Terry could be found at the lake.

Instead of waiting to get a search warrant to collect this evidence, they would ask the father if it was okay with him that they took these things that they found into evidence. The dad said it was okay. So, the authorities took the evidence prior to going to the lake to find Terry.

Authorities would find Terry’s car. His car was locked, and you could find his keys and wallet inside sitting in the front seat.

The authorities would spend another three days searching the lake but coming up empty. They would then get a tip from the Greenville Police Department near the Ohio/Indiana border, that they found a charge card that was Raymond Lowe’s in the middle of a street.

They would ultimately find Terry in a hotel. They would bring him back to the state of Ohio, where they would question him on the murders and his fake suicide. Terry would end up denying all allegations and the police would let him go.

Terry would then move out of state to Arizona where he would be employed as a maintenance man for at an apartment complex.

As of today, no one has been charged with the murders of Phyllis Mullets and Murray Griffin.