Revenge of the Son: Phillip Woodley Story

You’ve heard of children killing their parents, but let’s hear the reason why Phillip Woodley murdered his father and stepmother.
Angie and Roy Woodley

Phillip Woodley, a Selma man was officially arrested for the murders of his stepmother and his father that took place on July 22 in their Tarpey Village residence.

The Crime and Investigation

Phillip Woodley, 51 was arrested for the murders of Angie Woodley, 71 and Roy Woodley, 73 that took place on July 22 in their Tarpey Village residence.

The arresting agency was the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. Both Roy and Angie would suffer from many stab wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime by the paramedics who were called when the Sheriff’s deputies.

After Roy and Angie were pronounced dead, the Sheriff’s deputies would get in contact with the homicide detectives along with the Forensics Laboratory to start processing the scene of the crime as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Phillip Woodley would be up against two counts of murder and was officially brought to the Fresno County Jail. Woodley would have $2 million bail set for him, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Bob Moore, from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office would state that Roy and Angie Woodley murder case was brought to the district attorney’s office, where it would be decided if there was enough evidence to keep the investigation going.

During the early investigation, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office would not comment on the motive for the murders of Angie and Roy Woodley.

However, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office would state that the suspect was only found after the investigators received many helpful leads and tips from the witnesses to the crime. How the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office would get in contact with Phillip Woodley and ask him to come down to the Sheriff’s Office. Phillip Woodley would come down to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office willingly.

It would only be after Phillip Woodley came down to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office when the deputies would officially arrest him for the murders of Roy and Angie Woodley.

With Phillip Woodley being arrested did not mean that the case of the murders of Roy and Angie would be an easy open and shut trial either.

Just after the deputies arrested Phillip Woodley, the investigators would finally be able to search Phillips belongings. This is when investigators would find many parts of a truck that belonged to both Angie and Roy Woodley inside the garage of Phillip Woodley.

Investigators would also discover that Roy and Angies truck was stripped from the frame and disassembled in a local Selma vineyard. The frame was officially located on July 26 in the Selma vineyard.

At the time of when they were locating the truck parts, the sheriff’s office was not certain if Phillip Woodley lived in that home or if he did not.

Witness Sentenced

A witness who says the elderly Clovis couple get murdered and chose not to do anything about this crime, was officially sentenced in a Fresno County Superior Court. This witness would receive 18 years in prison.

The witness was known as Jeffrey Rancour. At the time of his sentenced, Jeffrey Rancour would tell the family of the slain Angie and Roy Woodley that he felt horrible and he was ashamed for his lack of action on that terrible day back in July of 2005.

Joyce Arriola and Eva Plascencia, Roy Woodley’s children told Jeffrey Rancour that they accepted his apology stating that his testimony that he provided in the trial against Phillip Woodley was what lead the jury to Phillips conviction.

But, not everyone in the courtroom had the same change of heart as Roy Woodley’s two children did. Christopher Gonzales, Angie and Roy’s grandson, stated to Jeffrey Rancour that the sentence he received was not enough and how he should be in prison for the remainder of his life.

Gonzales would further state that you did nothing to help Angie and Roy and by doing nothing means that you are just as guilty as Phillip Woodley. That nothing, not even your confession can make things right.

Jeffrey Rancour, 31 took a plea deal. The plea deal that Jeffrey Rancour took was where he had to plead no contest to both counts of manslaughter and both counts of residential robbery, alongside one count of receiving stolen property. In return, Jeffrey Rancour would get one year in jail and then 17 years in a state prison.

When Jeffrey Rancour was in the county jail, he started to discover God. When Rancour discovered God, he realized that the only thing he can do in this situation was to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

Jeffrey Rancour always believed that a good man can be corrupt, but a corrupt man can also be good.

However, Gary Hoff, the judge over his case, would challenge Jeffrey’s thinking. Hoff would state that Jeffrey would only make the statements to the law enforcement agency after you were caught and identified. Hoff would further state that you would only use God as an excuse when it is convenient for you.

Hoff would further state that he was highly offended by the letters from all of Jeffrey’s supporters who stated that a prison sentence will separate him from his family. But Hoff would ask the hard question, where is your compassion for Angie and Roy, Jeffrey Rancour?

Hoff would even acknowledge that Jeffrey Rancour also was a key eyewitness for the prosecution case against the ultimate perpetrator, Phillip Woodley.

However, during Woodley’s trial, Jeffrey Rancour would end up testifying that Woodley would smoke what is known as “ice”, which is just a more concentrated form of methamphetamine before heading over to his stepmothers and fathers’ home.

Jeffrey Rancour would then also state that once Woodley entered his parent’s home, he would kill off his stepmother first and then go through her purse.

Jeffrey Rancour then stated that Phillip would then stab his father, Roy Woodley, while stating how he never did anything for him during his life.

Phillip Woodley Sentenced

During the sentencing portion of Phillip Woodley’s hearing in the Fresno County Superior Court, Phillip was surrounded by his relatives.

Phillip was ultimately sentenced to two life prison sentences for the murders of his father Roy Woodley and his stepmother Angie Woodley.

Tensions were running high in the Fresno County Superior Court as friends and relatives of Angie and Roy Woodley would verbally attack Phillip Woodley in hopes that he would confess to killing his stepmother and father.

Some of the friends and relatives of Roy and Angie Woodley were hoping that Phillip Woodley would receive the death penalty.

Gary Hoff, the judge presiding the case told the courtroom that he understood them wanting to seek out justice, along with a confession right from Phillip Woodley and a side of revenge, but Gary Hoff also stated that under the law, it allows Phillip Woodley to remain silent.

Roy and Angie Woodley were found dead in their Tarpey Village home on July 22, 2005. Angie Woodley 71 was found dead and was stabbed nearly 14 times, while her husband Roy Woodley, 73 was also found dead and stabbed nearly 28 times.

It only took a jury back in April three hours to find Phillip Woodley guilty of the two counts of first-degree murder along with burglary and robbery.

During the sentencing portion of Phillip Woodley’s trial, Hoff granted Phillip’s request to look at the relatives who were blasting him. Woodley also told the Judge Hoff that he would like to make a statement as well, but when the time came to make said statement, Phillip backed out and told the judge no thank you.

During Phillip [s sentencing phase of the trial, many of the relatives were highly angered due to the lack of emotion that Phillip Woodley was displaying.

Angela Gonzales, Angie Woodley’s child, told Phillip Woodley that she hopes he rots in hell because that is where he ultimately belongs.

Angela Gonzales son, Chris Gonzales asked the judge if he could sentence Phillip to death, but Judge Hoff stated that was not an option due to the laws that were put forth.

During Phillips trial, the jurors would learn about Phillip Woodley smoking what is known as “Ice” which is a more concentrated form of methamphetamine.

Phillip Woodley’s friend, Jeffrey Rancour would testify against Phillip alongside the prosecution team. Rancour would tell the jurors that Phillip Woodley hated his father and wanted him and his stepmother dead. This is when Rancour would further explain that Phillip Woodley would end up killing his parents in a drug-induced rage and would steal from them afterward to help feed his drug addiction.

Then a few months ago, in May Jeffrey Rancour, would get an 18-year prison sentence after agreeing to a plea deal which made him plead no contest for both counts of manslaughter for witnessing the murders and not doing anything to help stop it.

During the sentencing portion of the trial, relatives would state how both Angie and Roy Woodley loved to host parties at their home and camp in their spare time.

Joyce Arriola and Eva Plascencia tried to get their brother, Phillip Woodley to admit that he killed their stepmother and their father to no avail.

Both sisters would state that the murders were gruesome without their brother accepting the American flag on behalf of the Woodley family at their parent’s funeral.

Victim’s Family Statements

During the sentencing portion of the trial, the family was able to make victim impact statements. Eva Plasencia, the daughter of Roy Woodley and the sister of Phillip Woodley would tell her brother how he could stand by her side at their father’s funeral knowing you were the reason why he was dead. How can you be so sick and psychotic?

Phillip Woodley would only stare emotionless as one by one all his relatives and family members poured out their hearts during their turn to share their statements.

Eva Plasencia would also state that it is sad that you’re a coward and at least your friend Jeffrey Rancour was man enough to state that he was there during the crime, but you (Phillip) cannot even show an ounce of remorse for what you have done.

Joyce Arriola, the other daughter to Roy Woodley and Phillips Woodley other sister would state that you (Phillip) have torn our once happy family apart, many relationships that were once great will never be the same because of what you decided to do.

Joyce Arriola would go on to say that she has forgiven Phillip Woodley only to allow her to close this very horrifying chapter of her life and to move on from it.