Slain in Front of Children: Shaundra Lynn Murr

Every parent’s worse fear is to traumatize your children. In Shaundra’s case, she was slain right in front of her children. Read the whole story here.
Shaundra Lynn Murr

Shaundra Lynn Murr was featured on many television shows after her murder in 1990. Her case would grow cold, but it would officially be solved years upon years later.

Let’s get into what really happened to Shaundra Lynn Murr.

What Happened to Shaundra Lynn Murr?

On May 28, 1990, Shaundra along with her children would leave their beautiful home in Colorado. The day was looking up. It looked like it was going to be such a nice spring day in the state of Colorado.

Shaundra had planned one of the best birthday parties for her youngest child. Joshua, her youngest child would turn three that very special day.

Shaundra’s oldest child, Amber was just as excited as her younger brother was. Amber was 4.5 and she loved to giggle, eat pizza and play in the park with her friends.

On the way to the birthday festivities, Shaundra would stop by her best friend Lisa’s house to pick up Lisa’s 6-year-old son as he was invited to the party.

All was going to Shaundra’s plan until Harry Sedlak starting stalking Shaundra for the very last time of her life.

Shaundra just stepped outside of her vehicle to help her friend Lisa as Harry Sedlak drove by. Sedlak would stop about 200 feet from where Shaundra was. Sedlak would then reverse his vehicle while aiming it at Shaundra. Sedlak would hit Shaundra and pin her between her parked car and his car on the street.

Rich Resling, police lieutenant stated that Sedlak’s engine accelerated and his vehicles wheels were spinning has he had SHaundra trapped between the two automobiles.

Sedlak would finally put the car in drive and allow Shaundra who was stuck in between both automobiles fall to the ground. When he saw Shaundra fall to the ground, then he would put his vehicle back in reverse just to run over Shaundra onto Lisa’s lawn until he hit a neighboring fence. Sedlak would then put his car in drive once again running Shaundra over for a third time.

As this terrible crime was happening Shaundra’s children Joshua and Amber had front row seats to their mother’s death from inside Shaundra’s care. The kids could not do anything bit sit in their car watching horrified and helpless as Sedlak ran over their mother.

By the time the ambulance arrived on the scene, Shaundra was still somewhat conscious, even though she was laying severely injured on the street in front of Lisa’s home. As the paramedics were starting to take Shaundra away in the ambulance, she was yelling to Lisa to take the kids inside. Keep them away from all this commotion to better protect them from what they had just witnessed.

However, unfortunately, just after 10 pm that night Shaundra Lynn Murr would pass away due to her injuries.

Sedlak would flee the scene of the crime before the police would get down to it. However, just 24 hours after he murdered Shaundra Lynn Murr, he would be arrested for her murder. Sedlak would eventually confess to murdering Shaundra Lynn Murr. Sedlak would be charged and convicted of second-degree murder and he was sentenced to 22 years in a state prison. Sedlak was sentenced to 22 years of prison time on August 23, 1991.

After the murder of Shaundra Lynn Murr took place, her family would find out that Shuandra took out a restraining order just two days prior to Sedlak murdering her.

After Shaundra’s death, her two children, Amber and Joshua went to live with their grandparents. The impact of seeing their mother be brutally hurt in front of them will be with them forever. Even though, many children in America will grow up without a mother, but witnessing her murder makes their road to recovery much more complicated.

In March of 1991, the Murr family was shocked to hear that the Colorado Parole Board was looking over Sedlak’s case and he was going to have a parole hearing. Thankfully, that parole was denied. However, Sedlak is currently a free man.