What are Citizens Against Homicide (CAH)? How Can It Help You?

Curious how to get help if you are victim of a homicide? You will love to know that Citizens Against Homicide is the place to go. Here’s everything you need to know. Citizens Against Homicide also known as CAH for short is a non-profit organization that provides public benefits. The Citizens Against Homicide is based out of the state of California.

The Citizens Against Homicide is here to support the relatives and friends of homicide victims, but also while honoring the deceased as well. The organization will advocate for the families left behind who are seeking criminal justice for the crimes that had happened to them, all while still supporting and standing behind the crime legislation that keeps the citizens of the community safe and sound.

The Citizens Against Homicide was co-founded by Jane Alexander back in 1994. Jane Alexander was the one who was on a 13-year search for the person who murdered her 88-year-old aunt, which resulted in a book called Citizen Jane.

The other person who also co-founded Citizens Against Homicide was Jane Miller. Jane Miller’s daughter Veronica, 19 was murdered back in 1984. The case to this day remains unsolved.

By 1998, the Citizens Against Homicide group was active in all the United States. The Citizens Against Homicide mailing list was in the thousands currently as well.

The Citizens Against Homicide would actively assist the prosecution teams with writing letters of protest these murderers for their parole and for their sentencing hearings as well.

The Citizens Against Homicide also frequently would provide families with much-needed advice and helpful tips on what they could expect as they are going through the criminal justice system.

About the Citizens Against Homicide

As previously stated, the Citizens Against Homicide is a non-profit. The Citizens Against Homicide Tax ID number is 68-0330408 for your tax purposes.

The Citizens Against Homicide will provide public benefits to friends and families of those homicide victims.

Many of the board members here at the Citizens Against Homicide have lost either a friend or family to a crime of murder. So, the organization knows how it is to feel the devastating loss of a family member or a friend and continue to live life as you are suffering from emotional trauma of going through the criminal justice system.

The Citizens Against Homicide has banned together to provide undying support and a voice for the friends and family of ALL homicide victims.

Citizens Against Homicide Meetings

Did you know that the Citizens Against Homicide organization also holds meetings throughout the year? Yes, you heard that right.

The Citizens Against Homicide encourages anyone and everyone who may be interested to attend the meetings that they hold.

The Citizens Against Homicide organization will typically hold their meetings every other month on the third Saturday of that month. Meetings do start in January of every year.

However, the Citizens Against Homicide will also hold meetings the second Sunday of every month as well. These meetings will always start at 10 am.

To find out where the location is for these meetings you can either call 209-728-2873 or 415-308-9413. They will be able to give you the exact location for the next meeting.  Do not be afraid to call them and ask.

Citizens Against Homicide Objectives

The Citizens Against Homicide has many objectives when it comes down to their organization. Their organization’s main objectives are the following:

  • Provide the friends and family with information on their pending crime legislation
  • Assisting families and friends through their journey with the criminal justice system
  • Provide courtroom and trial support to victims and their loved ones
  • Accompany victims to parole hearings to ensure the victim is brave enough to give their victim impact statement to keep the murderer behind bars where they belong.

How Can I Help Citizens Against Homicide?

There are a variety of ways you can help the Citizens Against Homicide. You can sign up to become a Citizens Against Homicide member. When you sign up for a membership all proceeds will go right back to the organization.

You can also donate as well. You can make a donation through the website or if you would rather send a check with any amount on it, you can do that too. All checks should be mailed to the following address:

Citizens Against Homicide
369-B Third Street
Box 303 San Rafael, CA 94901

For tax purposes, the Citizens Against Homicide Tax ID number is 68-0330408.

You can also help support the Citizens Against Homicide by participating in their Parole Opposition Letter Requests.

These Parole Opposition Letter Campaigns are organized by the Citizens Against Homicide at the request of friends and families of the homicide victims.

You are more than welcome to also participate and support the Citizens Against Homicide by attending their monthly meetings that happens on the second Sunday of every month at 10 am. The location of the meetings will be held is at the following address:

Loch Lomond Yacht Club
95 Loch Lomond Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901

Another great way to support the Citizens Against Homicide is to come down to the annual Citizens Against Homicide Charity Golf Classic. This is a fundraising event that is always on the first Friday of August each year. All donations that is received by the silent action will be brought right back into the Citizens Against Homicide. The Golf Classic can always use participants and volunteers every year as well.

Another fine way to support the Citizens Against Homicide is to support the federal and local political candidates who actively support victim rights. You will want to educate yourself on each of the political candidate’s opinions when it comes to victim’s rights and what they can do for you.