How to Stop an Offender Getting Parole: Best Tips

An offender getting a parole review hearing? Here are the best tips to ensure the offender gets rejected when it’s his time in front of the review panel. There are many convicted murderers that will be given sentences that do not seem to match up for their role in taking someone else’s life, but however, there are statistics out there that state murderers on average will only spend maybe 8 years total in a state or federal prison.

For many of the survivors or the victim’s family, there will come a time you will get the dreaded notification that the murderer of your family or friends’ killer is about to be reviewed if he or she will get out on parole.

If that’s the case, there are a few different things you can do to help keep the killer behind bars where they ultimately belong.

Victims’ Services Division

The very first thing you should do, if you have not already is finding out where your state’s location is for the Victims’ Services division. You can typically find the location of this division on your state’s department of corrections website.

When you locate them, you will want to call them immediately. When calling them, you are going to try and find out what your legal rights in your state is. Do not be afraid to ask this question as this is the reason why they are put into place is to help victims of crimes.

Some more good questions can be are the family members of the victim allowed in the parole hearing? Can you the family member of the victim protest this parole over video, or do you have to be there in person inside the parole hearing?

Can you the family member of the victim request that if the offender got denied their parole this time, that his or her next review be delayed a year or two than the normal process?

But, one of the most important questions, you will not want to forget to ask is when is the dead for submitting protest letters and petitions?

How to Start a Protest Petition or Letter

Developing and getting your protest petition out in the community will be one of the hardest feats you will have to face during the parole process of the murderer of your loved one.

The best thing you can do is to start your protest petition early and ask every single person you know in the community to sign it and help you spread the word about it.

You will want to include a simple description of the crime that was committed by the offender and any other information you think is vital to have people sign your protest petition.

Some people will put that their loved one was a mother, an aunt, and a pillar in the village and now that she is gone, there has been an empty space not only in your family, but in the community as well.

Your protest petition will need to have a place for people to not only put their name, but also their address, city, state where they reside, and their zip code. You should have a template where you can have pages upon pages of signatures with the above information on it.

You should ask every person signing the petition to also tell their friends about the petition, so the word gets out a little bit faster as well.

However, also on your petition, you will need in a large bold font that the offender or their defense team are privileged to read any of the letters in their files. That all the letters will always be kept confidential and that their letters will be safe from the offender’s eyes.

You should also keep in mind that, while a petition is a great way to get the community involved in this parole hearing, but personal letters of protest is a little bit better.

Why is a personal letter of protest better than a community petition? It’s because a personal letter is just that, very personal. This personal letter can be done by each of the victim’s family members or anyone else that was impacted by this senseless crime. Personal letters are from the people who it impacted most, and it gives the raw, real details of how that offender ruined that chapter in their life and how he or she should NOT be allowed to roam the streets of the community ever again.

You will even want to contact your state prosecutors that worked on your trial along with any of the homicide investigators that worked for the case as well. You can ask them if they would be willing to also write a personal letter of protest. Most of the time, these individuals will certainly help you out and write a personal letter of protest to help keep these criminals where they belong; behind bars.

Next, thing you can do among the parole protest letters and petitions is to start a memorial page for your loved one. You can do so using many of the memorial sites around.

This is a great way to start collecting poems, photographs, and even letters. If a family member or someone else who was close to the victim wants to write a letter as to why the offender should stay behind bars, you can request that they send that handwritten letter to the proper place or you can choose to collect these letters and send them all at once in a huge envelope.

When you and whoever else chooses to write these handwritten letters of protests, you are requesting that the offender get denied for parole along with given he or she a “set-off” which means that they cannot be reviewed for parole for another few years.

Each state is different for when they look at offenders for parole. You will have to contact your state to find out when they will typically look back at the inmate for another parole review hearing.

When sending in your letters of protest, you will always want to include some copies of photos the more candid the better of the victim once living their happy life, smiling with their friends and family, including their pets. This is so the victim becomes a true person when the parole board starts looking at the case. The parole board will also then just open the letters and read them as well, but with the photos it makes the victim look human and not just another crime in their eyes.

By using candid-type photos are much more effective than using portrait-type of photos. Gather photos of the victim at parties, family gatherings, or just photos around the house in their natural habitat.

More Great Resources

Citizens Against Homicide is a great resource that you can use. Citizens Against Homicide is an organization based out of California that will create and publish you a newsletter that helps in the aid of parole protesting for murderers.

You will need to send them the pertinent information at least a month before the parole hearing is to take place, just so they will have enough time to put together the newsletter and have all of the protest letters to be delivered to the correct people.

Also, another great resource is to publicize the hearings. Go to your local news stations get in contact with the local newspapers as well. Many of these media outlets will be more than happy to rehash the crime and interview the family and friends that were left behind.

This is a great tool to gain momentum in the community for your petitions and personal letters as well. Many people reading the newspaper or watching the news may not know about the crime at hand or they may have forgotten about it.