Top 11 Unsolved Murder Cases That’ll Chill Your Bones

Love a good unsolved murder case? Here are 11 unsolved cold cases that will sure get your blood moving. Everyone can be fascinated by a good cold case. The details, the mystery, just the unknown behind the cold case is what fascinates many individuals all over the world.

However, these unsolved, cold homicides can also have elements that are unsettling, gruesome, violent, and even bloody.

Worst possible thing is that the suspect is out there living among us and was never caught. That the person who was capable enough to plan and execute can flee through the night or day after they finished their deed.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the most infamous unsolved homicides that have happened throughout the United States.

Sit back and saddle up for a bloody good time!

Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia or if you want to call her by her birth name of Elizabeth Short was murdered in Los Angeles, California.

The case surrounding Elizabeth’s murder was a grisly one. Elizabeth’s case would include her body being severely mutilated and even severed just at the waist.

Elizabeth’s case would not only capture the local news attention, but it would make headlines throughout all the United States.

The details that pertain to the case would not be known to the investigators that were investigating the case. The only thing real thing that investigators were able to piece together was that Elizabeth Short was an aspiring actress.

The Black Dahlia case is frequently cited as being Los Angeles County’s most famous cold case and has been portrayed in a few films and books.

Smiley Face Killer

The Smiley Face Killer has been linked to a minimum of 45 young men. This theory of the Smiley Face Killer came from Anthony Duart and Kevin Gannon who are two New York City police detectives.

The pair has come to terms that The Smiley Face Killer has murdered at least 45 young men as each of these cases are distinctively like one another.

The theory all started when bodies would keep coming up all over New York City. Then cases started popping up in the Midwest as well. Probably about a dozen of these murders had a painted smiley face near where the killer would dump the dead body.

All the victims so far that was dubbed by the Smiley Face Killer seemed to be white college men. The detectives would start to think that the motive behind these murders were jealousy, as all these college men seemed to be athletic, good looking, and academically smart as well.

As of today, there still has not been any new leads and the theory is still holding out to be true about the Smiley Face Killer.

The Killer Calls

In the early 1980s a single mother, Scott and her four-year-old son at the time, Shawn started receiving very threatening calls when they were at their aunt’s home nestled in Stanton California. Shawn and her aunt along with her son lived together at the time.

Most of the times, the caller was professing his love for Scott and trying to make romantic overtures. While other times he was making threatening threats stating that he was going to do harm to her in ways that she would never have imagined.

But, in both types of phone calls, the caller would always make it known to Scott, that he was always watching her. He would tell her details of her day-to-day life only she or her aunt would know about.

One time, during a phone call, he would tell Scott to go outside because he wanted to give her something.

When she finally went out to her vehicle, Scott found a single dead rose that was placed on her vehicle’s windshield.

The calls really started to not only unsettle Scott, but her family as well. However, no one was sure on what they could legally do about them, so they never reported such calls to the police or local authorities.

It was not until the night of May 28, 1980, when Scott when to drop her son, Shawn off with her parents who lived in Anaheim. She was dropping her son off, so she could attend a staff meeting for her employer at the time.

During this staff meeting, Scott would notice that Conrad Bostron, a fellow employee, was not looking so good. Scott would then offer to take Conrad to the nearby hospital. Conrad took her up on that offer and off to the hospital they went with another fellow employee, Pam Head.

When the three was going to the hospital, Scott made a quick detour to her parents’ house where her son was currently staying with her parents. While she was here, she would change from her red scarf to her black scarf.

When they were ready to leave the hospital after Bostron was treated, Scott would go out to the parking lot to pull her car upfront. This is when her two coworkers would notice Scott’s car speeding out of the parking lot. This was the last time anyone has seen her.

Dardeen Family Murders

The Dardeen Family was slain during the evening hours of November 18, 1987. The Darden family resided in a small little town of Ina, Illinois during the time of their murders.

It took over a decade for an inmate who was sitting on Texas death row to finally come forward and confess that he was the one responsible for the Dardeen family murders.

Even though, he confessed, many details surrounding this case is still a mystery as it was on the night of November 18, 1987.

Lady of the Dunes

A mystery lady would be founded in Provincetown, Massachusetts lying face down on her beach towel in the sand dunes.

It would be discovered that her hands were missing from her body and that her head was crushed with the use of military entrenching tool.

Since investigators could not properly identify the victim, the victim soon was given the known of Lady of the Dunes.

Mysterious surrounding who she is, why was she murdered, and who was the person responsible for ending her life remain a mystery to this day.

1959 Murder of the Walker Family

The family was brutally murdered in their residence on December 19, 1959 in Osprey, Florida.

The case grew cold for many decades to come. It was still a highly cold case until the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office decided to take another look into the case. This is when they would finally discover this case could possibly linked to a Kansas family murder as well.

The Grimes Sisters

During the evening hours of December 27, 1956, Patricia and Barbara Grimes were attending one of Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender shows. The two sisters had a curfew of midnight, but the two sisters would never make it back home.

It was not until around 2:15 in the morning when their mother called the local police and reported her two daughters missing.

The Grimes sister case would be one of the largest missing persons investigations that the city of Chicago has seen up to that point.

The sister’s bodies would not be discovered until almost a month later in January 22, 1957. During the time the girls were missing many people would report to the local police department that they have seen sightings of the sisters, but these sightings never panned out as they were both found dead on January 22.

The investigation was centered around just a single suspect. To this very day, the local authorities could never locate enough evidence where they could properly charge and convict him, so he has remained a free man in the Grimes sister case.

The Seal Chart Murder

During the morning hours of August 24, 1908, Caroline Mary Luard would say goodbye to her husband as we left for one of his hunting trips.

When her Caroline’s husband, Major-General Charles Luard would come back home, he would discover that his wife, Carolina, was fatally shot and killed.

The Luard’s residence was situated in a wooded area of England. Not many homes where in this area as it was nestled deep into the woods.

Authorities could never properly locate who the murderer was regarding the death of Caroline Luard. However, the rumor around the village was that John Dickman was the one who was the murderer. Dickman would be later hung for his role in murdering a passenger while he was on the train in 1910.

After Caroline’s death, her husband Charles would commit suicide.

William Desmond Taylor

William Desmond Taylor was a popular director in the 1910s and the early 1920s.

Between 1912 until 1922, Taylor es responsible for directing 59 silent films. Taylor would have also acted in at least 27 of these films between 1913 to 1915.

When the news got wind of his murder on the dreadful day of February 1, 1922, it led to everyone in Hollywood wonder why, how, and what could be next for Hollywood.

The original doctor that was on the scene of the crime stated that Taylor died from natural causes. The natural cause was a stomach hemorrhage. However, this would be the last time this doctor came into the limelight, so to speak.

The reason why this doctor was never back in the limelight was since he must have been really embarrassed since he missed a gunshot wound located on Taylors back.

However, all the valuables that Taylor had were not touched or even moved for that matter, so it made it out to be that this crime was not just for theft like you would have thought.

Over a dozen of people were pegged to be suspects, but none of the ese people were ever charged or convicted of the crime.

However, 3 decades later, an actress around in Taylor’s time, Margaret Gibson would come to local authorities and state that she was the one who murdered Taylor. Her story was flimsy at best and prosecutors did not even bother trying to bring her to trial or charge her for that matter.

Hinterkaifeck Murders

Located between Schrobenhausen and Ingolstadt and north of Munich, you will find the Hinterkaifeck farm.

The people living at the farm were Cazilia, 72, her husband and the farmer, Andreas Gruber, 63 along with their daughter who was widowed Viktoria Gabriel, 35 and her children Josef, 2, Cazilia, 7 and their maid Maria Baumgartner, 44.

Then on March 31, 1922, all the people residing in the Hinterkaifeck farm were found dead. All the occupants were murdered using a mattock, which is very similar to a pickaxe.

Just a few days before the family was found dead on the farm, Andreas, the farmer would tell neighbors how he found footprints in the snow that led him right up to the farm, but there were no footprints leaving the farm. Andreas thought this finding was very odd.

Andreas would also tell his neighbors how he had heard footsteps coming from the attic and he found an unfamiliar to him newspaper located on the farm as well as his keys went missing a few days before the murders took place.

However, none of these findings would be reported to the local police until much later after the murders took place. Without these details, it took the local authorities a lot longer to solve the case of these brutal murders.

Georgette Bauerdorf Murder

Georgette Bauerdorf lived a life of privilege as she was the heir of a popular oil tycoon. Bauerdorf future was bright as can be, but that would soon end on the evening of October 11, 1944. That following morning Georgette Bauerdorf life was cut short. Georgette was brutally murdered. To this very day, the case of who murdered Georgette Bauerdorf is still a mystery. It is highly unlikely that the case of who murdered Georgette Bauerdorf will ever be solved as it’s been 70 years.