Read an incredibly moving article from Atlantic Monthly: A Grief Like No Other


new front cover What To Do When The Police Leave

0934793689.01.SCLZZZZZZZ Surviving When Someone You Love Was Murdered 1561230596.01.SCLZZZZZZZ Just Us Homicidal Loss & Grief


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0312970145.01.MZZZZZZZA Fatal Lie


0451408543.01.MZZZZZZZA Killer Among Us


0786010312.01.MZZZZZZZAbove the Law


0965384632.01.MZZZZZZZAn Hour to Kill

  cover Appointment for Murder

coverBefore He Wakes




coverBitter Blood


cover Bitter Harvest


0312965036.01.MZZZZZZZBlack Widow


0684854848.01.MZZZZZZZBlind Eye


coverBlind Vengeance


coverBlood Brothers


coverBlood Games


cover Blood Lust


coverBlood Money


cover Blood Rush


cover The Blooding


coverBorn Bad


coverBound To Die




0312970307.01.MZZZZZZZBurned Alive


cover Charmed To Death




coverThe Cheaters


0451409043.01.MZZZZZZZCitizen Jane


0553573489.01.MZZZZZZZCircumstantial Evidence

  coverThe Coed Call Girl Murder coverCold Storage  

0805060677.01.MZZZZZZZCries Unheard

0671775391.01.MZZZZZZZCruel Doubt 0786010568.01.MZZZZZZZDaddy’s Girl

cover The Dark Son


cover Dead of Night


coverDeadly Deception


0312962207.01.MZZZZZZZDeadly Goals


0312957734.01.MZZZZZZZDeadly Seduction


  0312957866.01.MZZZZZZZDeath Cruise 0312970757.01.MZZZZZZZDeath in Texas coverDeath of a Little Princess coverDeranged coverDeviant

coverDying for Daddy


0451405374.01.MZZZZZZZEvery Mother’s Nightmare


coverEverybody’s Best Friend


0451403479.01.MZZZZZZZEvidence of Murder


0786003480.01.MZZZZZZZEvil Secrets


coverEye of the Beast


0451404882.01.MZZZZZZZFallen Son

0312970315.01.MZZZZZZZFatal Embrace 0393315444.01.MZZZZZZZFatal Justice
0451165667.01.MZZZZZZZFatal Vision  

coverForever & Five Days


0312953240.01.MZZZZZZZ Gainesville Ripper

0451406923Goodbye My Little Ones  
0446602353.01.MZZZZZZZIn the Best of Families 055356854X.01.MZZZZZZZInvisible Darkness 0679731830.01.MZZZZZZZThe Journalist & the Murderer coverKill Grandma for Me
0446523402.01.MZZZZZZZThe Last Victim 0345390555.01.MZZZZZZZLethal Marriage cover Lethal Shadow Public2Little Girl Lost 0786005572.01.MZZZZZZZThe Mad Chopper
coverMama’s Boy  




coverMisbegotten Son




0312970692.01.MZZZZZZZMother, Son & Socialite

0449149307.01.MZZZZZZZMother’s Day

0312974574.01.MZZZZZZZMurder at Yosemite


006109692X.01.MZZZZZZZMurder in Greenwich




0440204429.01.MZZZZZZZPerfect Victim


0312955138.01.MZZZZZZZPoisoned Vows




0451404807.01.MZZZZZZZSecret Lessons

coverSecrets Never Lie cover Severed Relations 0312959893.01.MZZZZZZZThe Sex Slave Murders 0312206720.01.MZZZZZZZShallow Grave in Trinity County

0451404238.01.MZZZZZZZSilent Witness


0312956584.01.MZZZZZZZSins of the Mother

    coverSmooth Operator cover Stalemate
0312960522.01.MZZZZZZZSuddenly Gone 0786006641.01.MZZZZZZZSuffer the Little Children 0060393149.01.MZZZZZZZThe Summer Wind 0312089015.01.MZZZZZZZSwift Justice 0440217938.01.MZZZZZZZToxic Love coverTriangle

0312926456.01.MZZZZZZZUnanswered Cries

0786006609.01.MZZZZZZZA Venom in the Blood  

0446607320.01.MZZZZZZZA Wealth of Evil


0312955421.01.MZZZZZZZWhatever Mother Says

coverWhere the Bodies are Buried
0345438345.01.MZZZZZZZYosemite Murders